Wednesday, 24 October 2012

a thousand lies have made me colder..

corasage: dorothy perkins
bag: topshop
dress: laura ashley
gingerbread heels: ASOS
cardigan: h&m

Outfit photos from Saturday evening. After a day of wandering around town with my friend, I went for a swim and then to pick her up for her birthday meal out - we went to the local Frankie and Benny's, which was great fun. I was pleased that I'd been for a swim beforehand; I didn't feel quite so bad about the giant pizza we shared!

When it comes to shoes, I'm not often drawn to low heels.  I've always been more of a high heels kinda gal - the higher the better seems to be my motto, lately. I've often worried that kitten heels and low shoes would make my legs look too chunky.

But something about the print and chunky nature of these gingerbread heels really drew me in and caused me to override my usual rule, and they seemed like the perfect match with this cardigan and various minty accessories for this Laura Ashley dress. I think perhaps stilettos would have had me feeling a bit too dressed up for an early teatime meal out (we were dining with a little one so had to make it early!)

Maybe there's hope for me in terms of a low heels branch to my ever-growing shoe collection..? I've seen a few TUK pairs recently which I'd be happy to make another exception for..


  1. I love these shoes! They look so cute! The clutch is gorgeous too!


  2. Gingerbread shoes are actually amazing! I would be looking down at my feet all day long xxx

  3. Awww, I very almost bought these when they were on offer too! Kinda wish I had now, they really are so pretty! I love how you've brought all the mint into the monochrome outfit, I love the bag too! I love the stark contrast of black against mint.xx

  4. I love love love the seafoam color :D so beautiful!
    ._. if you consider those low, never look at my closet XD oh god haha You've very good at mixing and matching. I wish I were able to do that.


  5. I really wanted those heels, my perfect height but sadly the size 8's sold out super quick! :(
    You look lovely!

  6. I like those heels, they are just a nice chunky medium heel. I'm not a fan of kitten heels, so the chunky heel is perfect. And they match your cardigan and purse perfectly! So well co-ordinated :)

  7. Beautiful outfit, I especially love the bag. xx

  8. you look amaazing here! i love the shoes and the dress especially but it's just a generally pretty outfit. i was reading in company magazine about the rise of the mid-heel and although low or mid-heels are something i've never liked (i'm also a higher-the-better kind of girl) it does make more sense wearing something a tiny bit lower from time to time. i do hate when shoes are so high i just don't even feel safe walking in them like i could fall over at any minute! xxx

  9. Love this dress and those shoes are cute! I have that clutch bag but mine is cream with pink hearts :)

    Maria xxx