Monday, 12 November 2012

and for the last night i lie, could i lie with you?

skirt: get cutie
cardigan: topshop
heels : iron fist

top: primark
Oh my, I'm still feeling so under the weather. I cannot, I repeat cannot, get enough of my new shoes though. I wore them twice in the space of a few days - that never happens. But they do go with my big clash-attack outfit of Friday, right?

I picked this top up a little while ago in Primark, I think it was all of £3. Everyone I was with commented on the fact that it's not my usual kind of thing, and they'd be right I suppose. I think I was just drawn to the colours and the irregularity of the stripes. I figured I'd clash patterns but at least match the greys and pinks in this outfit.

This rose print cardigan used to be one of my most-worn items, when I first bought it I don't think I took it off for about two weeks, but it's been sorely neglected recently. I'm trying to wear my way through things, and be a little more  ruthless about whether or not I want to keep them, although it's breaking my heart a little that some of the things I love no longer fit me.


  1. I know it's grey rather than brown, but the colours still remind me of Neapolitan ice cream! I think it's the stripes.

    I love the different patterns in the same colour palette - you're a pro at the pattern mixing Char! The skirt is so pretty! Hope you feel better soon xxx

  2. I'm not surprised you want to keep wearing those fabulous shoes! I love that gorgeous midi skirt too x

  3. Excellent print clashing! Loving the tshirt, stripes rock :)

  4. Char you have the most amazing long legs. Can we trade?
    Also have you tanned? You're looking amazing.


  5. Just look at those shoes!! Also great print clashing - Looks fantastic on you :)

  6. Cute shoes! xo