Monday, 5 November 2012

bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens..

shoes: henry holland // scarf: zara // jacket: h+m
shorts, tights, bracelet: new look
hat: river island // jumper: topshop

The past weekend has been one of those where I don't seem to have stopped, but got to Sunday evening and thought "You haven't really got a lot done, have you, Char?". Am I the only person who feels like that? I know I'm generally harder on myself than I should be with a lot of things..

Good things over the course of the weekend:
  • Fireworks (I love them, and get a grand view of a massive display on the ground which my flat overlooks, every year, so get to watch them from the warm with a cup of coffee!); 
  • Seeing one of the friends who I don't spend enough time with and sharing toffee apples by the bonfire;
  • Breakfast out with the family, a wander around the garden centre and being bought little presents by my dad;
  • Picking up my new tortoise - I've wanted one since I was very little!;
  • Seeing one of my best friends and spending some hours in the company of she and her gorgeous little man;
  • The season finale of Downton Abbey.
 All good, then? Yeah, it was really.

When I left for swimming this morning, the tortoise (named Bertie) was still asleep - so cute.



  1. aw Bertie <3 love all your knits, that jumper is great! x

  2. I do love that jumper on you. It's just so flipping cute with the collar and all. Wear it more!

    ps - Yayyyy Bertie!

  3. The shorts are such a nice colour and I love that jumper on you :)
    How exciting about the tortoise!