Friday, 16 November 2012

friday favourites 029..

001: Love Me Now platform, £62.99
002:Jacotte heels, £90.39
I'm starting to wonder if my obsession with Spartoo may be getting a little out of hand. But that hasn't stopped me adding just a couple more pairs to my wishlist.

001: I was so pleased with my first pair that I can hardly wait to add to my Iron Fist collection. I've always been a fan of pink and red together, even though my mother always used to tell me they clashed. I really like the clashy colours here and the tattoo style rose prints.

002: Flitting about online, I came across a brand I'd not heard of before, Edith & Ella. Some of their styles (this one in particular) are making me reconsider my thoughts on loafers being too dull to fit in with my collection. I particularly like the mix of colours here- that green is a favourite, as well as the fact they are a yummy patent finish.

Is it just me who has a borderline shoe obsession?


  1. I completely understand your shoe obsession! Despite heels being far too inappropriate for uni lectures/working in the lab etc. I still can't help but buy new ones, and then still hunt for more when I've not yet had the opportunity to wear the ones I have!
    The Iron Fist shoes are beauties, I have 4 pairs of Iron Fist; 2 I haven't had chance to wear as I've bought them recently, yet I still have a list of new styles I'm on the hunt for! xx

  2. I have a boot obsession, I suppose I should count myself lucky that cute shoes never fit me! x

  3. Oh wow, the first shoes are amazing! I'm super boring when it comes to shoes, I stick to black pumps pretty much all the time! <3

    Jennie xo |