Friday, 23 November 2012

friday favourites 030..

001: Ravel nude/glitter heels, £59.99
002: Mustard Yellow bodycon dress, £200
Another week, another wishlist. What with saving for Christmas shopping, I'm being forced to bookmark all of the things which take my fancy instead of ordering them.

001: Clearly a Friday Favourites post wouldn't be complete without at least one pair of shoes. I noticed these after Laura's recent blog post got me thinking about sparkling in the daytime. I think the fact that these are only a little bit glittery makes them totally appropriate for work..

002: I've been on a bit of a workwear kick, of late. This week has seen me add to my pencil skirt collection, with a slightly risky leather one. The next thing I fancy is this mustard coloured (oh autumn, how you draw me towards all things orange and mustard pencil dress from  Box Clothing. There'd be no qualms about whether or not it was work-appropriate!


  1. those shoes are gorgeous!! but i wonder how comfortable they actually are...

  2. that mustard dress would look amazing on you, but cost per wear would be high! x

  3. Those shoes are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  4. Oh the shoes Char, oh the shoes. And to hell with it, glitter should be apppropriate for work, I'm considering wearing spiked shoes to work tomorrow. As in all over spiky studs.