Saturday, 17 November 2012

i dunno where i went wrong, but i can write a song..

skirt: matalan
t-shirt, necklace: h+m
blazer, heels: primark
This was a bit of a "running late, throw something together" outfit when I almost overslept on Thursday morning. I need to be more motivated in the mornings, sometimes it's a total challenge to get myself up and out of bed and en route to the swimming pool, because I am the world's greatest faffer. I'll wake up, read for a bit, mess about on twitter, check ebay, emails, blog etc before I even get up and start my daily routine. If I cut all that out, maybe it would be easier to get up -perhaps I should start leaving my phone in the living room at night.

Anyway, this skirt is great - Matalan really do make some fab pencil skirts, I've built up quite the collection over the past twelve months or so. I love the colour of this one and figured it would be the perfect thing to wear this duck print blazer with, which I picked up from Primark's sale rail when I was in Harrogate but hadn't removed the tags from until this week.

I threw what is these days one of my oldest, tattiest tshirts, wondering whether I could get away with it as workwear. This used to be one of my  best ever tees during my uni days and was almost worn to death. Crazily, I was told I looked smart in this outfit! 

Has anyone else started thinking about the dreaded Xmas shopping yet? I seem to be having a total mind-blank this year. I spent a significant amount of my day browsing the web, trying to convince myself that a certain tricky-to-buy-for man would totally wear a plum cashmere sweater. (He has since confirmed that, no, he will not, so I've had to keep looking, but luckily there is plenty of choice here..)


  1. You look amazing! And incredibly slim too! Xx

  2. You do look so slim Char! Pencil skirts look great on you x

  3. I love the jacket! Looking lovely :)