Wednesday, 28 November 2012

winter wishlist..

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Whilst I'm not exactly the world's biggest Christmas fan, I like a good wishlist as much as the next person, on the basis that it's nice to dream. So here are a few of the things I would love to find unde rmy Christmas tree (or at least I would do, if I had a Christmas tree at my house - I never spend any time there over the festive period so it doesn't really seem worth it...)

001: So perhaps this wouldn't fit under a tree exactly, or in a parcel, but being someone who finds it quite hard to relax and doesn't really give themselves enough 'downtime', I would definitely love a spa day experience. I'd love to repeat the kind of day I had a few years ago with my best friends; there is nothing nicer than spending a day in your dressing gowns or swimsuits and winding down in the pool or getting a nice massage.

002: As I'm always looking to improve my dressmaking skills (there is definitely room for improvement with them), I'd love to add an overlocker to my sewing corner. I've used one in my lessons and just think it would make finishing everything off a little tidier. This one looks nice and simple enough not to confuse me at the first threading!

003: I'm not sure what is with my knitwear obsession recently - I've never been one for jumpers really, but lately all these pretty knits are catching my eye. I particularly love this robin as I could wear him well into the new year as well..

004: These boots are just fab, I love the sparkles and the fact that the wedge is a nice chunky one. I have a thing against thin wedges, but as ever Kurt Geiger have come up trumps.

005: More knitwear love, for this jumper which is sort of screaming "secretary chic" to me. I want to wear it with my recent leather pencil skirt, and a pair of skyscraper heels- totally acceptable office wear, no?

006: I am totally planning on a new year's resolution of doing more home cooking, so this chicken measuring jug from Cath Kidston. My kitchen is full of pretty colours, but this is at least practical, also.

007: Given my apparent newfound love of all things knitted, I really ought to do something to keep the moths at bay..? I remember winters where we would get the blankets out of storage and find them all moth eaten. So when I was browsing the Goodstead site looking for some quirky gifts, I saw these moth hangers and decided I should really add them to my list - does anyone know how they work?
What are you wishing for this year?


  1. I love the robin jumper! So cute.

  2. I would guess those hangers are made of cedar wood. Moths don't like the smell of it and that should keep them away from your woolies.
    Those glitzy boots are amazing; I think I've twisted my ankle just looking at them!!
    Z xx

  3. i want that robin jumper!!! where is it from?? x

  4. I have always wanted an overlocker machine, more so when I was still at college studying design. They really do make neater finishes and are very quick and easy to use xxx

  5. I really love this list it's so interesting and varied! :)