Thursday, 6 December 2012

star me kitten..

sweater: topshop
shoes: irregular choice
skirt: topshop
Just looking at these outfit photos is making me feel chilly - it was -4 when I headed out to the gym this morning and I can't seem to get enough of layering, with a big fur coat on top.
Also, all this moving and clearing out is keeping me nice and warm.

I really love this skirt, but I forget about it. It took an age to track one down on ebay a few years ago, and I love the quirky print. I thought I'd try and kind of match them to thec olours in these shoes.

I have literally no idea how we've got to Thursday already! This evening I have a kettle bell class, and then am looking forward to putting my feet up and getting all of my cards written, present list sorted, and my giveaway prizes wrapped up and ready to send out to the winners tomorrow - if you haven't entered yet, there is still a little time...!


  1. SO many questions to ask- what is the move? Home or work? What's happened? And what is a kettlebell class?
    And by the way you look really pretty in this outfit!x

  2. Hey I love your blog so muchhhh pop over to mine sometime :) xox

  3. Oh Char, much love for the skirt! How fun is that?

  4. Love this outfit, it is very you indeed. Aww you just made me want to get snuggled up in my PJs and write all my Christmas cards. On the to-do list this weekend! x

  5. Those shoes are super adorable! I absolutely love the kitten heels!