Wednesday, 30 January 2013

because of the wonderful things he does..

dress: monsoon // cardigan: new look
heels : Spartoo
I've been offline for a little longer than I had envisaged, what with moving around, meetings to go to and general messing about. I think I'm almost ready to breathe that metaphorical sigh of relief as everything seems to be coming together. Now it's just a case of catching up. What's been happening?

Despite the ongoing move, I couldn't wait for a chance to wear my new Irregular Choice shoes, so here they are -Alex and I have bought the same pair, although in different colours and decided it would be cute to wear them at the same time, too. Which colour do you prefer? I threw mine on with this (ancient now) Monsoon dress and felt a little like Dorothy in them..


  1. I've got a post about these exact shoes today too! Spooky or what :p

  2. Great outfit. I just read Alex's post and I thinking that the bows on your shoes looked familiar! xx

  3. Such beautiful shoes! Love the fact you and Alex chose the same pair! xxx

  4. You look lovely, the pattern on that dress is so pretty!

    Maria xxx