Monday, 21 January 2013

on sleepless roads, the sleepless go..

skirt: next
top: matalan
cardigan, heels: primark
I've spent the weekend being quite amused by the level of panic a little bit of snow seems to throw the country into. It's laughable really, considering this is something which happens almost every year. The really worrying part is how many people don't seem to realise that there is a skill to driving in snowy and icy conditions - I've seen some crashes and some scary near-misses in the past few days.

This skirt was actually from The Next Sale. This is a bit of a confession for me, as The Next Sale is something I regularly seem to make fun of every Christmas. I always say, (and I still believe it's true) that there isn't anything I'd want from Next which is worth queuing up for hours to get in the store for. Although I've seen some nice things on the website over the past few months, the stores near me are never very good and always bordering on mumsy. So it's somewhere I tend to miss when I'm shopping. However, my friend was after some new cutlery on our post Xmas sales shopping trip, so we braved The Next Sale. She didn't find anything, but I managed to pick up this skirt, as well as a cow-shaped jug.

cow jug, next sale £1.50

Am I a Next convert? Probably not, in all honesty, but I might feel more inclined to have a browse, now and again. Do you make an effort to try shops you don't usually shop in, or do you stick with your firm favourites?


  1. Oh i love both that top and skirt. Fabulous.


  2. I'm not a Next fan either, it's so hard to spend vouchers there. The skirt really suits you though x

  3. That skirt is gorgeous! Love the cow jug too. Missed you on Saturday! x

  4. Tell me about it, the worst thing is when you have to work the sale and be in store for 5.45am on Boxing Day! Looove my job. This looks really nice on you though and the jug is really cute :) Also, yay Jimmy Eat World, such a good song xxx

  5. I love that skirt on you! I must admit I love Next, even if I'm searching ebay for an elusive item such as a tartan kilt or denim shirt ( both recently) the items I end up watching and buying tend to be from Next! I've been branching out more in the places I shop recently though, I've discovered new favourites in Joules and French Connection, which I'd totally forgotten about until the other day! I definitely think its nice to shop outside your comfort zone from time to time, keeps life intetresting!


  6. I always want to make fun of the Next sale as well- I always think, "WHY does everyone go so crazy?". I got an insider view this year as my little sister was working at Next in Bluewater and she said that all these ppeople seemed to have come over from some other countries and were spending hundreds of pounds (smallest transaction £150, largest £890) on bags of stuff, some to sell back home I think. I think it's because everything becomes half proce that people go mad, but for me, no thanks!x

  7. the skirt you picked up looks pretty! and same as the cow jug haha

  8. What a lovely skirt, I can see why you were glad you popped in (and that cow gravy boat is just too cool, I love it) I do stick to shops I know a lot but lately have been trying to go into new shops or try new online shops as i am trying to mix my style up a bit. The craziness about the snow makes me laugh too. It is knee deep here (higher than knee deep in some places) and I still was at work for 9am and worked until 5pm, keep calm and carry on people! LOL.

    Janine xx

  9. I love the cow jug (and the outfit). I don't often venture out of my shopping comfort zone, but maybe I should. Well, I will when my spending ban is over. xx

  10. I love this skirt. I'm really not a fan of Next (don't think I actually own anything from them) but my cousins are obsessed with it

  11. That skirt's lovely! I'm the same with Next, I've been in a few times and even tried the odd thing on but there's been nothing I like enough to buy. Like most shops these days mind you, especially the ones with queueing people at 6am on boxing day - madness! :)

  12. I ADORE this skirt on you, the print is gorgeous!

    Maria xxx