Wednesday, 9 January 2013

presents under the tree..

dress: clothing at tesco // tights: new look
boots: office
cardigan: forever 21
I know that everyone's trees have been and gone now, but I still haven't mentioned some of the lovely things waiting for me underneath one at Christmas!

I'd tipped off my mum about this pretty floral dress from Clothing at Tesco and she managed to track it down for m. Also, when Little Sis and I were doing some late-night shopping prior to The Big Event, I spied these bottle green tights in New Look and she snapped them up for me, telling me that it's nice to know you're buying something someone definitely wants...

I couldn't wait to wear them, so this was my outfit from Boxing Day, thrown on with my most festive of cardigans and some bright red boots perfect for picking my way through the flooded paths into town.

Do you prefer to be surprised at Christmas, or do you make a list of the things you'd love..?


  1. I normally just get money and then buy things in the sales... Not very exciting, but at least I definitely get things I want! That said, my Mum is pretty good at buying little bits and pieces that I like (it's not that hard really, I like anything with a bird or a polka dot on it). Love that cardigan xx

  2. I love this dress.
    I make a list to give to my parents and brothers or they would have no idea. But I definitely like surprises

  3. That dress is so gorgeous, love the bold floral print xo

  4. Aw Char, this is stunning! xxx

  5. I like a mixture- surprises are great but it's always nice to know there might possibly be something you really love love love under there! (Like the fact that I really wanted a Jump-out-of-paper bag and someone almost bought me one but didn't because my fiance said I didn't need them! Grrrr!

  6. I love good surprises but some family members beg for ideas x

  7. love your printed dress, and the red boots are gorgeous! x

  8. That dress is gorgeous! I am pretty easy to buy for but I do end up sending ideas to people!

    Maria xxx

  9. I love that floral print, I think it's exactly the same as the ASOS wiggle pencil dress I have...kinda freaks me out when high-street stores make different things from the same fabric.

  10. So much cardigan envy :(