Tuesday, 8 January 2013

we've said goodbye, the taxi cab is waiting..

shorts, tights: clothing at tesco
top: therapy (house of fraser)
scarf: zara
I knew it wouldn't be long before this lamp print top made another appearance. I really like the print, as well as the fit, and this time decided to dress it down with a pair of shorts and warm tights.

These shorts from Tesco have become something of a wardrobe staple over the past few months; I saw them and decided to replace the older pair I'd had, which were getting to be too big for me and were therefore held together with safety pins at the waistband. I'm amazed sometimes that shorts have become such a firm favourite with me, when a few years ago they would have been an item I'd never in a million years have considered for day to day wear! I guess it just goes to show that styles can always change. You can go from loving something and wearing it every day (me and jeans in college used to be inseparable!) to truly hating it or feeling uncomfortable in them (I recently unwisely bought a pair of skinny jeans from a blog sale and they confirmed my belief that I wouldn't be comfortable in them!) .

 Has anyone else changed their opinions on what they're drawn to?


  1. I used to love jeans, but cannot stand wearing them anymore. I'm a dress and skirt girl

  2. Loveeeee your top!

  3. OMG I love that top! Awesome


  4. really feels right.
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  5. what a fab and unusual print on that top!

  6. My colleague is wearing that very blouse to work today, and I am super jealous of both of you! xx

  7. Great top! I can't get my head around tights and shorts - I think it looks great but I can't do it - maybe it's my age! I lived in jeans in college too invariably teamed with black t-shirts, now I feel self conscious in too much black as a recent Inspiration Monday confirmed.
    It's great that style evolves and we try new things, can you imagine still sporting your college wardrobe on a daily basis! Yuck! I only had about 12 things in my wardrobe then and only one pair of boots. One!!