Friday, 15 March 2013

friday favourites 040..

001: Iron Fist heels, £75.99
002: Duck print skirt, £22

I'd been fairly good so far with the Lent spending ban. I think it's because I hadn't really been near any shops. Today, for some reason I can't seem to STOP thinking about things I'd love to buy. Argh. The two items topping my list right at this moment?

001: As it feels like an actual Age since I had new shoes, I had to add at least one pair. What with my obsession with all things Spring this week (have you joined in with my Spring Green swap btw) these lamb print heels got me looking forward to the change of weather. We've got to get plenty of sun this year as a trade off for all of the recent snow and ice, right? I need them anyway, whether we do or not...! 

002: My friend dragged me around the shops with her on our lunch break last weekend, and I was so taken with this duck print skirt from River Island. The Wardrobe Zoo is calling out for it. (It was a good job they didn't have my size in, or I may have been tempted to break the ban - argh!).

Anything caught your eye this week...?