Thursday, 7 March 2013

spin the globe, wherever it lands, that's where we'll go..

Picture 030
skirt: matalan
Picture 031
heels : Spartoo *
*Picture 028
blouse: primark
This skirt and blouse came back from Wales with me at the weekend, and as I was in a bit of a rush yesterday morning I just thought I'd throw them on together, as I have many times before for a tried and tested outfit. I may have had to take the skirt in with safety pins, but never mind. I don't think it looks that obvious on the tulip shape - hopefully not, anyway.

 I added my lovely red cat shoes. I still really like these, although the more I wear them the more I can see the fact that the straps are Velcro fastened is going to annoy me, because I managed to catch them a few times and get the strap to undo. Buttons would have been better, Irregular Choice.

No idea how it can possibly be so far through the week already. I've got my toothache back, which is really upsetting, as it means the dentist wasn't right about the X-ray after all, and has done the root canal in the wrong tooth. I'm not sure I can put up with that all again, it was such a palaver, but at the same time it's only been a day or so and the pain is getting to be unbearable.


  1. I am in love with those shoes! The blouse also I don't know how you always find such lovely stuff in Primark. xx

  2. Love your shoes! x

  3. I love this outfit, very ladylike. Sorry to hear you have toothache, it's horrible :( Hope it is gone soon

  4. I want to steal those shoes so bad! x

  5. Oh, I feel for you about the toothache. I'm just about to get my wisdom tooth removed and I'm not looking forward to that. Hope they remove the right one!!:) I like your shoes, babe, like them very much.;)

  6. You look so cute! I love those shoes. I'm so sorry about your toothache! I hope you don't have to do another root canal, they're absolutely horrible!

  7. Love these to buttons though, those things drive me nuts if you mean those wee elasticated ones. Maybe I'm getting old, but I'm coming to appreciate a good non fiddly buckle or stud fastenings!