Monday, 25 March 2013

you didn't notice me at all..

dress: monsoon
cardigan: matalan
necklace, tights : primark
Running on so little sleep today it's unreal. I didn't remember to bring my camera with me, so I've decided to use some outfit photos which I took a few weeks back before deciding I wasn't happy with the outfit, and posting about something else instead.

 I'd picked up this cardigan a little while ago in Matalan thinking I couldn't go wrong with a basic block colour. But each time I've worn it, I feel as though it makes me look like a frump. On this occasion it may not have helped that I wore it over a dress which is several sizes too big for me.

But this blog wouldn't be much of a true representation of what I wear if I didn't post the misses now and again, would it?


  1. I love that dress, it's so pretty! Hope you managed to get some rest

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  2. I dont think you could ever look like a frump!

  3. Do you know I'm exactly the same in a cardigan that isn't black?! I never feel or look comfortable in it, but my wardrobe often needs more than a black cardi.

  4. You are not at all a frump, the lilac is lovely xxx

  5. I really love this outfit! I wouldn't say frump, I'd say Granny chic (and that's always a good thing!). The dress has a cute floral print and cardi tones in beautifully.
    Don't put ourself down as it's not necessarily how others see you
    Kate xx