Sunday, 21 April 2013

sunday shoes 015..

Picture 002
001: Office Fruit Print Wellies
Picture 001
002: Irregular Choice "zoo" boots
I've not done one of these posts for ages, and I totally should have, as my shoe collection has been silently growing.

001: What I actually really needed lately though, was a new pair of wellies. I love wellies. I know they're not pretty, but for someone who spends a fair amount of the weekend at the allotment and a few weekends every summer camping in fields, they are a necessity. A couple of weeks ago, I managed to pierce my current pair with my garden fork, which has rendered them pretty much useless, so I had a look for a new pair and when I saw these fruit printed ones on ebay I knew they'd be perfect - they'll look right at home at the allotment, right? Well, they will if I have a bit more success than I did last year at least! And for £8, I'm not going to be heartbroken if I manage to do something similar to them, as I clearly can't be trusted with gardening tools.

002: As for the other recent pair of boots, they're not so practical, but they are cute. They're a pair of (I assume by the soles) quite old style Irregular Choice, but I don't know anything about the name of the style. I know from recent eBay trawls that there was a flat shoes version as well, but I prefer the boots. The print reminds me of being on safari in Africa.

Has anyone else been buying shoes lately? 


  1. These wellies are amazing Char. You know I love wellies. Very appropriate for the allotment! Was it the purple ones which got damaged? Boo, I lost a pair to the allotment too xxx

  2. Aww your wellies are super cute, I love the pattern!

    Maria xxx

  3. Love the second pair of boots, haven't heard of Irregular Choice, must check them out, I've been shoe mad atm now weather is a bit nicer :)

  4. Great wellies! Living on a farm means that sometimes I can't go anywhere without encountering mud, so my wellies are probably my most worn footwear! I love the pattern on yours.
    I've purchased a few pairs of shoes recently as I've discovered that my feet have grown and I've gone up a size... not a bad predicament to be in though ;-)

  5. Totally bombarding you with comments today, I'm just getting caught up on Bloglovin' because I haven't had much time over the past couple of weeks to comment! I remember these boots...can't recall their name though, they are really old.