Friday, 10 May 2013

#BEDM Day 10: where would you like to be..?

dress: bay trading co
wedge sandals : topshop
cardigan : new look
For the majority of this week I've been looking at holidays, hotels and flights online, thinking about the possibility that one day soon I might be able to get away and spend some time by the sea, somewhere warm. It's been years (seriously, about seven!) since I last went on holiday and I would love to go away, things just never seem to be right to take some time off work or I have other commitments, or something else happens and it gets pushed to the back of my mind, again.

If I could go anywhere tomorrow, I'd probably get some flights to Barcelona. I've been once before, and loved it, but didn't get much time there and would still like to see more. Plus, Spain isn't THAT far and I have a fairly rusty, but basic understanding of the language. I could probably remember enough to get by.

The first outfit I'd pack would be this one, which I wore at the weekend for a BBQ at a friend's house. The first outing for my long-lusted after Topshop Water swan print wedges and all I could think of was "why has it taken me so long, these shoes are ace!"..they remind me a bit of a crazy pair of Terry de Havilland heels I saw years and years ago and now can't seem to find anywhere!


  1. Love your style!!!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

  2. Oh god that makes me so jealous to think you're looking at hollibobs! You look lovely Char, florals suit you so much ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  3. Outfit is fab! I've not been on holiday since I was 15 :O, 9 years! But I'm going on two little seaside holidays in July/August this year! I'm so excited! xx

  4. You look stunning here, I am seriously jealous of your legs!

    Maria xxx

  5. Like you, I've been to Barcelona once and would love to go again.
    Those swan print shoes are 'totes amazeballs'!
    Meant to say little greenhouse came from Poundstretcher and was reduced by 2 quid to £9.99! Altho' plastic I find they last about 3 years and you can get replacement covers. Try to get an all-metal frame tho; my plastic-jointed one, the joints have all gone brittle and broken.
    Happy gardening!
    Z xx

  6. Great outfit. I'm the same, I haven't been on a proper holiday in about 11 or 12 years, but just going away for one night this week was great. I'm limited in where I can go with my illness as I can't walk very far and it has to be somewhere I know, so I can plan what's involved/how much walking there will be. It was nice to get away though.

  7. Darling you deserve a holiday - I really hope you book somewhere soon xxx