Saturday, 11 May 2013

#BEDM Day 11: books

what have you been reading recently?
Oh gosh, I'm awful at those "list your favourite, bestest ever...." questions. I'm so bad at being put on the spot that last weekend, when I was at a BBQ and asked if I had a favourite band, I totally dodged the question and was like "oh, err, not really, can't really think of one", which is just not the case.I just get flummoxed.

So instead of all of the tricky questions, I am going to share with you a picture of the things I've been reading over the past few weeks, and draw your attention to my little self-challenge page. I decided I would challenge myself to read 52 books over the course of the year, this year. I started off badly, the first book taking me an absolute age, which threw me into a total panic. But I'm almost at 26 and I haven't got to the midway point of 2013 yet, so I think it should be doable.

I've added all of the above to the 52 in 52 page. Three of these were read to take part in Alex's Blogging Good Read challenge of the month - her post is here and it's great fun to take part - I'm sure if you wanted to and asked her nicely she'd welcome you on board!

I also post some reviews here, although I've not done a 'tuesday titles' post for a little while, as well as being on the Judging Covers review panel. That's quite a lot of book chat!


  1. These sort of questions flummox me too, how can I pick one band / film / book / vegetable over any other? And as for putting me on the spot... it's a guaranteed to be met with a blank expression!
    Well done on your challenge, no way I could read a book in a week!

  2. I'm exactly the same when someone asks me what my favourite book is... I have loads! Same with favourite song/album. xx

  3. Haha, I get flummoxed at that too, I like options and choices, I don't like being tied down to one thing!