Tuesday, 28 May 2013

#BEDM Day 28: bad advice..

satchel: brit-stitch* // shoes: office // dress: matalan // cardigan: primark
cardigan: h&m // skirt: matalan // shoes: irregular choice
blazer: george@asda // shirt: primark // skirt: new look // loafers: asos
I'm aware that some of my posts lately have been quite heavy and emotional. So instead of trying to think of a life lesson or something where I have been given bad life advice, I started thinking about the "wise words" I've come across over the years in relation to clothing choices.

 I've been told never to wear red and pink together, as they clash. And that sequins are for evening wear. Leather skirts are only for motorbikers or perhaps a professional dominatrix, and therefore probably not appropriate for the office. I've been told that it's weird to shop in the men's section (um, hello fox print shirt), and that apparently, Guide leaders only wear jeans with their uniform. Ahem.


  1. Heehee, I have a few clothing 'rules' myself, which I wouldn't be averse to breaking if I thought an outfit really worked. It's just little things about certain colours I don't think work well together. I hate the idea of rules that we should abide by though, for example I think we've come a long way since sequins and leather were only appropriate for certain things and I personally believe we should shop wherever we like (I've found myself buying mens or browsing maternity). I especially love your second outfit x

  2. I always laugh at supposed colour rules. "Blue and green should never be seen". Ummm, so does that mean green fields next to a blue sky/sea look disgusting? No. Same goes for red and pink. They look gorgeous in a sunset together. If it works for nature, then it works for me :)

    Your sequin skirt in the last photo looks great. I love how you put your outfits together.

  3. I think heavier posts are just fine Char,

    I love your sequin skirt xx

  4. I always love how you pull outfits together, screw the rules!

    Maria xxx

    P.S. I agree with Laura, light or heavy is fine with me :)

  5. I donno. I think it looks great!

    I have an international clothing giveaway on my blog(last day).
    Hope you participate!

  6. Argh I am sooo behind on your blog. I love all three of these outfits, particularly the latter two: you look awesome! xxx