Friday, 31 May 2013

#BEDM Day 31: reflection

Ok, so we have made it to the end of the month. And whilst I embraced the #BEDM challenge at the start of the month to give me some of my blogging inspiration back, I did fall behind a little.

I've tried to cover all of the topics, albeit some of them a little briefly, and have caught up with the ones I've missed. And on some days, it was rather lovely to have a topic to base a post on; this meant I could still post when I couldn't think of anything myself.

I'm feeling a little better lately, so I'm hoping to go forth and get back to posting (pretty much) every day, as I have in the past, so this has been a great way to get me back into the routine.

Inspired by Gemma's posts and to serve as a bit of a reminder to myself, a bit of a round-up of good things which have happened this month:

  • Finishing my Queen's Guide award (this was such a big weight off my mind)
  • BBQ weather, be they filled with giant fish, chicken envy or the clockwise-rule. 
  • Shopping trip to Liverpool with two of the best friends; a lovely day filled with sun, laughter and lots of new clothes (so much for the shopping ban)
  • Winning some pretty new KG heels! 
  • Ice skating, walks through the woods and lots of fun things planned with my guides and rangers units
  • Some progress made at the allotment, plus I seem to have accepted that I probably can't do it all. (Which is a good thing, I need to try and put less pressure on myself!)
  • Getting my bike sorted out so that I can get some use out of it in the sunshine.


  1. Wow Char those heels! LOVE! Well done on the award - as a fellow guider I salute you!

  2. Those shoes are beautiful! x

  3. I am loving your bike! I can imagine you whizzing around on that in a dress and fabulous heels! - Speaking of heels those KGs are amazing!
    Glad you're feeling brighter :)

    I had to type this twice as Socks sat on my keyboard and deleted it. Little git.

  4. Wow those heels are amazing! And I absolutely love your bike, so pretty!

    XO Amie

  5. Well done for doing it! I spy the Primark Peter Pan collar dotty dress in the bag. I had to resist, surprising as it's yellow- not my usual colour of choice- as conscious of trying to save as much as possible at the moment!
    Well done on the Queen's Guide award- that is absolutely super, you've done so well to do it! Your Pashley Princess is very cute! I must go and have a ride on Celeste soon- I think she's feeling neglected!x

  6. that's a heck of a haul! congrats on your award and winning those KG shoes! x

  7. Your bike is so pretty! :)

  8. Ohh what's the clockwise rule? Absolutely love the KG heels, have some major shoe envy going on over here. Would love a bike like yours, we have some beautiful places near here that I am desperate to have a bike to explore xx

  9. Well done on getting here- and your awards. Glad to hear May is pulling through for you. Also, LOOK AT YOUR GORGEOUS BIKE!

  10. Great shoes! I think you did brilliantly to blog as often as you could, I find myself posting loads at once then taking a break and getting behind and would prefer to be in more of a routine, but with two blogs and one of them being a more 'daily' one, it's damn hard!