Sunday, 30 June 2013

sunday shoes 018..


Following a somewhat unfortunate incident with a garden fork at the allotment yesterday morning, I really do need to invest in some new wellies. I managed to pierce the side of my welly with the fork so now there's a big hole in one of them.  So I've had a little look around the internet and have come up with a few which I'd love to get my hands on. (Or should that be get my feet into?)

001: Crazily, I don't actually own any Hunter wellies. I'd really love some, though. I love this Lagoon Blue colour, and the glossy finish. Having had a quick price check, the best deals seem to be on Country First Direct.

002: I'd seen Wellibobs online and never really thought I'd like them, until I saw Alice's pair when we were on our Manor House break back in March. I love the quirky prints which Joules always seem to come up with, and these hare print wellibobs are no exception - think they would be perfect for dewy mornings on Guide camp and a lot easier to pack than taller pairs. 

003: Love the print on these leafy green wellies from Office, the idea of blending right in to the surroundings amuses me.

004: I love the bright yellow of these boots; they remind me of sailors, ligfhthouses and Portland Bill. 

005: My main problem with Hunter wellies? Choosing which colour I would like. Well, which colour I'd like first anyway.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

sail away with me honey..

court shoes: irregular choice
skirt:  Cath Kidston
sequin top: primark

On Tuesday, as a post-exam treat, I took Little Sis to Liverpool for a day of shopping, lunching and art gallery goodness.

Of course, I came back with a few things for myself as well. This skirt was a Cath Kidston sale bargain, and I love how it seems to match nicely with these new(ish) Irregular Choice shoes. I'm not sure now why I held off ordering the Can't Touch This heels for so long; they're lovely and comfortable. I sort of wish I'd snapped them up long ago.

I'm not so sure now that I look at the photos about this top. I can never quite make "oversized" work on me without thinking I look like a total frump. 

Friday, 28 June 2013

friday favourites 050..

001: Phase Eight Geranium Print Dress, £75
002: Jaeger Ladybird Sundress, £99
003: Hobbs Stitch Flower Dress, £99
004: Phase Eight Striped Cotton Dress, £99
Despite the fact that looking out of the window makes me wonder whether it might be a bad idea, I have started planning a garden party, as a little celebration for my Queen's Guide Award Presentation. Although I'm not sure exactly when the book will be returned, it usually takes a couple of months, so we think mid-August should give us plenty of time.

The venue is sorted; how fab to know someone who lives in an actual Hall with a silly number of acres of beautiful gardens. We shall have cakes a-plenty, and serve homemade lemonade from pretty jam jars, as that seems to be the New Thing. All that's left to do now is choose something to wear. [Thankfully, unlike the official London presentation at the Palace, I don't have to wear my uniform].

001: Bright, floral prints always make me think of summer days and garden parties, so this geranium dress would be a nice option. I already have the same style in a different colour so I know that I like it. Plus it's in the sale, so that's a big thumbs up.

002: This ladybird print is so cute. I've also found that Jaeger do a matching pair of shorts and a blazer. I can't decide which is best, but I love the thought of dressing this dress up for Xmas with a little red bolero and heels, but would wear it for the garden party with some sandals.

003: This Hobbs dress has such lovely embroidery on it  - For more "dressed up" occasions, I prefer something which has been embellished or embroidered more than just a regular print. The straps and split collar detail give it a summery, floaty feel and I think it would look lovely with some lilac shoes.

004: This stripey dress keeps catching my eye. Every time I see it, I love the bright blue colour, it's wrap-around detail and it's definitely firmly on my wishlist. When we saw it in store this week, Little Sis pointed out that it's a little too "deckchair" for her liking, but I think it would be pretty cute for a summer BBQ or party.

I've not come any closer to making a decision, really. What do you think?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

keep or return..

culottes: asos
giraffe blouse: matalan
heels: primark
I guess this should have been posted a little earlier as by now I've almost completely made up my mind on these culottes. I'm not sure why I was so disappointed with them when they arrived.

I do seem to have been bitten by the culottes bug lately; I like the idea of them, so when I saw these and decided I really liked the colour, I was quick to place an order.

I'm just not sure if, with being so long and quite full, they just end up looking like a weird-shaped skirt. Also, they seem to crease almost instantly.

I don't think I could wear this length with flat shoes, so went with some trusty black heels to match the giraffe print of this blouse. Maybe something else would work better with them?

Any thoughts? 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

old favourites..

shoes: irregular choice
dress: french connection
coat: primark
bag: hey sailor
I think this outfit is one of my favourite ones for a little while. I wore it last week and the weather was a bit funny; rain storms one minute and sun the next, so I didn't keep my coat on all day, but it's a nice thin one which i picked up in the Primark sale recently.

I'm still very much loving this bag, and the dress, which I bought after this little experiment. I've worn it quite a lot already, which is rare for me, as I usually wear something once before letting it be forgotten in the wardrobe for months on end, forgotten until I have a look through what's actually in my wardrobe.

I'm not sure how long ago I won these shoes (I know they came from ebay many years back), but I have worn them more times than I care to remember. They're all scuffed and scratched across the toes and the heels but they're so perfect that I'll probably wear them until the soles fall off, or wear through, or whatever.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

lovely lakes..

So last week saw a little bit of sunshine and a hastily-planned trip to the Lake District.
Cue an early start, a day on the ferry across Lake Windermere and wandering around some of the nearby towns, and an afternoon of relaxing in the hotel spa - we stayed at Low Wood Bay hotel and it was so lovely; dinner was fantastic!

The next day followed in a similar fashion; after a huge hotel breakfast, a morning spent on a little motor boat on the lake, which was quite nice, then a scenic route home, stopping at Lytham St Anne's for an ice cream and a go on the penny slots on the pier. A quick outfit post, not very
dress: vintage fair (no label) // necklace: gift
 well-taken in my hotel room:

Monday, 24 June 2013

a fever you can't sweat out..

dress : fever london (ebay) // cardigan: h&m
shoes : emma go
sunglasses: some pharmacy in the lake district...
I was rather excited a couple of weeks ago to find this dress, which has been on my in-brain-wishlist for quite a long time, possibly years, and place a winning bid for it for less than a tenner.
I've had a couple of Fever London dresses in the past and they are lovely, although they tend to start off with a fairly hefty price tag.

I wore this outfit hopeful of sunshine in the Lakes last week. I was pretty lucky. Not only did we get sunshine aplenty, but my new shoes didn't rub either. I was pretty pleased to manage to snap up what seemed to be the last pair of these Emma Go flats on Spartoo a little while back.

 The only unlucky (?) part of the whole day, I suppose, was when I realised I'd forgotten my sunglasses. I popped into a little pharmacy and picked these ones up for a few pounds and they matched my outfit quite nicely. And I didn't previously have any yellow sunglasses. I guess that may have been fate?

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Swimming pool glimmering, darling..

Baku Tropical Fiesta Scoop Neck Maillot *

Swimming every day seems to have taken it's toll on my swimwear. My beautiful Red or Dead suit from last year gets used about four times per week, which I guess is quite a lot. So it's hardly surprising to report that it's no longer quite the same shape or colour it was a year ago.

Luckily, those fabulous folks at Simply Beach stepped in to save me from the hideous prospect of hitting a sports shop, by offering me a new one to review. It didn't take me long at all to narrow it down to a few possible choices.

I knew I wanted a swimsuit, rather than a bikini (I will never be brave enough for a bikini, however pretty the print on some of the Seafolly ones may be). I used the "refine your search" options to get rid of anything with a bandeau or halter neck, as I've learnt from experience that these are not functional cuts for swimming lengths!

When I saw the mix of prints on this Baku suit, I was totally won over. Bright floral prints and leopard print edging - double win. When it arrived, I'm pleased to report it is as good as I'd hoped.

The fit is great, totally true to size and not tight anywhere. The cups are slightly padded, but not so much that if you haven't got much in the chest department (i.e. me) that it gapes at all.
I managed to swim a couple of hundred lengths in this suit without so much as the straps moving or anything, so I'd say it's totally functional. Plus, the lovely ladies who I see at the pool each morning mentioned that it was a very cheerful new suit, and that I'd brightened up their morning, so that has to be a good thing, too.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

stop wishing for the sushine, start living in the rain..

vest & blazer : primark
culottes & shoes : topshop // bag: brit-stitch*
Vogue Sunglasses : Sunglasses Shop
I wish the sun would make it's mind up. Last weekend I decided enough was enough and that I was going to wear my new culottes whatever the weather was going to do.

I had some errands to run in town, so decided on my wedge trainers as they're easy to walk in for a day but not quite as casual as a pair of flats. It was one of those funny days, torrential rain one minute and hot sun the next, so my blazer was off and on like a yo-yo.

I also decided it was a good chance to try out my new designer sunglasses. I have to admit, I'm generally more of a "cheap and cheerful" glasses girl. I do have a tendency to drop, lose, scratch, break (delete as applicable!) glasses, so I usually try and limit myself to pairs from cheap high street shops. But, when Sunglasses Shop got in touch with me, I couldn't resist this pair of cat eye sunglasses so I promised myself that I would keep them in their case when I'm not wearing them, and try to be careful with them.

I love tortoiseshell, and cat eye shaped glasses just have that cute vintage look about them, so these are a total winner with me. I wish I could justify a pair of these to myself next..

Friday, 21 June 2013

friday favourites 049..

001: From Chuck With Love bag, Hey Sailor, £18
002: Floral Prom Dress, Dorothy Perkins, £22
003: Dungarees, ASOS, £55
004: Paul + Betty heels, Sarenza, £120.30
The sales seem to have started everywhere, but I have been trying to hold off shopping too much, as I have a shopping trip planned next week with Little Sis to celebrate the end of her exams. I still managed to find plenty of things to go on my wishlist, though.

001: I love the colour, the bow and most of all, the unusual shape of this bag from one of my firm favourite sites at the moment, Hey Sailor.

002: I think the bag would go rather nicely with the colours in this Dotty P's dress. I've fancied it for quite a while, but now that the sale has started on their site (and I'm pretty sure there is a code for an extra 10% off everything if you order online - DPSALE10) I'm struggling to see any reason not to order it..

003: I am a little bit obsessed with dungarees at the moment. These ones are ace, and I need them. I'm not sure what else there is to say on the matter, really.

004: The fabulous Amber, with her enviable shoe collection, brought my attention to this shoe brand, Paul and Betty, which I hadn't before heard of. I love the colour of these, as well as the polka dots and their pretty, glossy finish.

What's on your wishlist this week?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

floral memories..

cardigan : matalan
bag : hey sailor / heels : primark
maxi dress : laura ashley
Another of the dresses I dug out for my Laura Ashley post last week, before realising I'd hardly ever worn it. I always get told by my dad when I wear this dress that it reminds him of a duvet cover which my grandparents owned when he was a boy. I know the one he means and it's rather similar, I think that may be one of the reasons I like it so much.

Sometimes I'm drawn to an item more because of the things it reminds me of, than anything else. It could be a print on a garment I wouldn't usually wear, or even just the colour of something. It's hard to explain, but things like that can make me feel happier, somehow.

I may have fallen into my usual maxi dress trap and tripped over the hem just a little, but I still think it's a keeper.

I had a lovely day in the Lake District and have spent today catching up on everything, I think, as well as getting things sorted for the weekend and a senior section sleepover I've prepared. I'm getting a little disheartened at organising events which they've asked for and then not getting much of a response or turn-out for them, but I guess I have to remember that they're teens and that can mean your priorities are different. I have to go and buy popcorn and pizza later for them.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

when the day turns into night..

cardigan : Primark
shoes : Clothing at Tesco
dress : Monsoon Fusion
sandals : SheLikes*
I'm currently in the Lakes on a bit of a last minute trip, so having been told I had a very limited amount of luggage space, (waah - I'm usually the one who packs about four outfits per day for holidays as they seem to make me more indecisive than usual!) I was having a bit of a little packing stress the other day. Desperate to find something transitional which I could wear during the day for site-seeing and suchlike, but then dress up a little for a meal out in the evening.

I remembered this dress, which is a Monsoon Fusion range one from last year (or maybe the year before), which I recently picked up for pennies on eBay. Apparently it has some sort of printing error on the fabric, which makes it a reject, but I couldn't see anything. With a cardigan which is quickly becoming my new favourite item of knitwear and a pair of flat shoes, I reckoned this would suit a day of wandering around touristy attractions, going on boat trips and the like. But then I was a little stuck, trying to think of a pair of shoes which would go with this dress and be suitable for dinner plans. Argh.

 It was ok, though, because this is where She Likes saved the day, purely by chance.When they'd asked me about picking an item from the site, I knew what I'd had my eye on. Ever since Sophie posted about her pretty pink sandals in a recent post, I knew I needed to track a pair down, so I asked for them. Sadly it was not to be, as the last pair in my size had a fault, but the lovely folks sent me these ones instead. And how perfect are the colours for this dress? They're also really comfortable and a little higher than the pink version, I think, so even better really.

That has to be fate, right? I love it when things work out like this.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

hey sailor..

Prim and Practical bag
A couple of weeks ago I discovered and then got rather excited by a rather cute new website. Hey Sailor stocks vintage jewellery, sunglasses and some rather pretty handbags. I knew it wouldn't be long until temptation got the better of me and I placed an order.

I couldn't resist this beautiful blue "Prim and Practical" handbag and was very happy when it arrived in just a couple of days. I love the bow and edging details and the fact that it's plenty big enough for all of the day-to-day bumph I seem to tote around with me. It's only been with me five days and already is one of my favourite bags.

Nicola, the lovely lady behind the site, also sent me some cute little gifts in with my order, which was rather fantastic of her. I'm trying to decide which bag to go for next; this polka dot satchel might be the next to find it's way to me, but there also seems to be a competition happening to name this one, which I like the look of as well. What do you think?

Monday, 17 June 2013

just when things seem to be fine..

dress : h&m
necklace : primark
blazer : primark
court shoes : New Look
I'm not sure when I picked up this h&m dress. I think it was a couple of months ago now, before the shopping ban. It must have languished in it's bag for a little while because I only remembered it last week and decided to finally give it a wear.

 I quite like it with a blazer and some pretty shoes. I think that worn on it's own it might annoy me due to the elasticated waist, but it's a lovely springy colour which I'm happy with. I seem to recall it being a pretty cheap staple item as well.

I can't get over how tired I am today. I think I may have been overdoing it a little at the gym the past few days. I started a new programme on Thursday evening, then ran through it again after work and before spinning class on Friday. I had a day off the gym on Saturday but did take part in a sponsored midnight 10k walk for a local charity, so that hasn't helped with the lack of sleep over the past few days. I probably shouldn't have fitted another gym session into yesterday evening but I'm off to the Lakes tomorrow for a couple of days so I know I won't get there to spin until Thursday now, which was making me feel incredibly lazy.

How was the weekend?

Sunday, 16 June 2013

sunday shoes 017..

new shoes..
Emma Go 'Martina' sandals
New Look glitter court shoes
Shoe Zone floral wedges
Irregular Choice 'Burmese' heels
Quite a few more shoes this week to add to the ever-growing collection. I'm rather pleased with all of them.

I already have the yellow version of these Emma Go sandals and liked them so much when they arrived that I wasted no time in ordering the blue version, too. They're mighty comfortable.

I was very pleased that @DressJunkie was having a sort-out recently and getting rid of these gold glitter heels. I used to have a pair of gold sequin heels but my feet do seem to have got smaller with weight-loss, so I had to let them go when they became too big for me.#

Very excited to receive these floral wedges as well, bring back the sun so that I can give them a proper first outing please, Weather.

And these cat ones I'm probably most excited about - I've been trying to find myself a pair of Burmese heels from Irregular Choice for oh-so-long. I think they're super cute and will quash my cat-shoes thirst as I've been spending far too much time browsing on the Charlotte Olympia site lately.