Saturday, 15 June 2013

dance hall drug..

sandals: emma go
dress : laura ashley
One thing my Laura Ashley post did manage the other day, was to remind me of some of the dresses I haven't worn for a long time, or ever posted pictures of. I've worn a few of them already since putting that post together.

I didn't take a lot of notice of the fact that the weather wasn't looking great on Thursday. In fact, it rained for most of the day, but I still dug out one of my brightest pairs of shoes. I love the colour, but I'd been worried I might end up ruining the leather or marking them if I wore them outside (I know that's sort of the point of shoes!) but they seem to have made it through the day unscathed.

Actually, despite the weather, it was rather a good day. I seemed to manage quite a productive day and then went to the gym to have a proper training session worked out for me, so that now at least I have a proper plan to follow to try and reach my goal. I'm going to try and mix up some of my routine during the week; I'll still go to a couple of spinning classes, but I'm wondering about switching out a couple of mornings swimming and doing my gym session before work instead. I guess it 's good to change your routine sometimes so that your body doesn't get too used to the same old thing.

Then, after a fairly short committee meeting (one of the committee had forgotten) I headed down to water the plants at the allotment and found that some lovely person had put up some shelving and potting bench for me in the shed, so that was a lovely surprise and put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Weirdly, I didn't get home until about half nine, yet was just as productive with my evening at home as other days when I get home much earlier. Good old summer evenings.  


  1. love the shoes!

  2. I think you have inspired me to drag out a few of my rarely worn dresses!
    Those sandals are lovely - great heel.

  3. those shoes are divine! such a gorgeous zesty colour!

  4. Oh char those shoes have my heart! Adore the colour!

  5. I adore those shoes, they are such a fab colour!

    Maria xxx

  6. Oh, love these shoes!

  7. Those shoes... I'm in love and really want the blue pair but they look a bit narrow for me :( I've been a bit poorly but I'm looking forward to heading back to the gym this week and trying out a new class, wish they did spin classes at my gym though.

  8. Very productive day (and night), yellow isn't a colour I have much of in my wardrobe. The shoes really make the yellow in the dress 'ping', looks great.