Friday, 14 June 2013

friday favourites 048..

001: 'Kid' Sandals, Carvela, £94.99
002: Bike ring, Ever Ours, £4
003: Rock n Rollers Dress, Trollied Dolly, £52
004: Fit For A Lady bag, Hey Sailor, £22
005: Louche Gloria shorts, JoY, £20
Another week, another wishlist - who'd have thought it. 

001: This week the weather has been mostly crazy, but despite all of the rain, I keep looking at summer shoes on Spartoo. I like the fact that these spiked sandals look a lot less fierce with the patterned base, than if they were black leather or even just a plain colour.

002: This bike ring is a total bargain. I had a similar one on my saved items list on ASOS last year, by Kyle Hopkins (in fact, here's the link to prove it, although the ring is sold out) but couldn't quite bring myself to decide I loved it enough to justify the price tag. I have no excuse not to order this one, do I?

003: I think Trollied Dolly might be my new favourite website. I've seen them mentioned a few times, then came across them again when I was looking for vintage style dresses for a friend and now I'm trying desperately to decide which one to order first. I love the seagull print on this one, but all of the different styles are so pretty. I might need one of each.

004: Have you seen the Hey Sailor site yet? I sort of can't believe it took me this long to find them. My {Prim and Practical bag} arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more happy with it. There are some other lovely bags on there, as well - the next one I have my eye on is this {Fit For a Lady}one, as I really like the scalloped detail to the front. I like that they also have actual vintage finds as well, so you never know what you might find on the site.

005: These shorts have been bookmarked for quite a while now, and I'm wondering if now that they're in the sale might be the time to pounce. I think the print is so lovely; there's always space for another pair of printed shorts in my wardrobe, right? They're only little..

What have you been wishing for this week?


  1. Those shorts are lovely Char - right up your street!

  2. So many wonderful dresses on that website, I'd like them all, so it's a shame they probably wouldn't fit anything bigger than a 14! There's so many of these brands/sites with wonderful vintage inspired dresses in kitsch fabrics that don't cater for large sizes which makes me mad and sad, I love pretty dresses too!

    The ring is both ridiculous and brilliant that it's so identical and so cheap in comparison to the other one.

    Like everything on your list : )

  3. That ring is so ace. I love it.

  4. That bike ring and that bag are beautiful x