Monday, 17 June 2013

just when things seem to be fine..

dress : h&m
necklace : primark
blazer : primark
court shoes : New Look
I'm not sure when I picked up this h&m dress. I think it was a couple of months ago now, before the shopping ban. It must have languished in it's bag for a little while because I only remembered it last week and decided to finally give it a wear.

 I quite like it with a blazer and some pretty shoes. I think that worn on it's own it might annoy me due to the elasticated waist, but it's a lovely springy colour which I'm happy with. I seem to recall it being a pretty cheap staple item as well.

I can't get over how tired I am today. I think I may have been overdoing it a little at the gym the past few days. I started a new programme on Thursday evening, then ran through it again after work and before spinning class on Friday. I had a day off the gym on Saturday but did take part in a sponsored midnight 10k walk for a local charity, so that hasn't helped with the lack of sleep over the past few days. I probably shouldn't have fitted another gym session into yesterday evening but I'm off to the Lakes tomorrow for a couple of days so I know I won't get there to spin until Thursday now, which was making me feel incredibly lazy.

How was the weekend?


  1. How can you feel lazy after fitting in all that exercise?

    My weekend was fun, my boyfriend had some rare time off so we hung out, just doing stuff, which was lovely.

    Enjoy the Lakes!

    1. I would feel like a saint if I did all that exercise!

      Love those shoes, can't resist a bit of glitter x

  2. Oi! You are allowed a break you know!
    There is such a thing as overdoing it.
    I'm envious of your trip to The Lakes...I WILL get to take my mums' ashes to Derwentwater one day! I'm sure she chose there as it is the most difficult place to get to on public transport!!!
    If you must exercise do a fab walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Good for the body and mind.
    Z xx

  3. Hi Char, my weekend involved an ice cream parlour and wool shooping :) love sian x

  4. Have fun in the Lakes, I hope it doesn't rain on you! If you get to chose places to go, Ullswater is the best!!!
    I love the panda blazer so much, I wish I could shop their but I'm trying to be super ethical so I can't :(

  5. I looove the panda print on that blazer. I used to have a pair of shoes exactly the same as those from New Look, but they were bronze.