Sunday, 30 June 2013

sunday shoes 018..


Following a somewhat unfortunate incident with a garden fork at the allotment yesterday morning, I really do need to invest in some new wellies. I managed to pierce the side of my welly with the fork so now there's a big hole in one of them.  So I've had a little look around the internet and have come up with a few which I'd love to get my hands on. (Or should that be get my feet into?)

001: Crazily, I don't actually own any Hunter wellies. I'd really love some, though. I love this Lagoon Blue colour, and the glossy finish. Having had a quick price check, the best deals seem to be on Country First Direct.

002: I'd seen Wellibobs online and never really thought I'd like them, until I saw Alice's pair when we were on our Manor House break back in March. I love the quirky prints which Joules always seem to come up with, and these hare print wellibobs are no exception - think they would be perfect for dewy mornings on Guide camp and a lot easier to pack than taller pairs. 

003: Love the print on these leafy green wellies from Office, the idea of blending right in to the surroundings amuses me.

004: I love the bright yellow of these boots; they remind me of sailors, ligfhthouses and Portland Bill. 

005: My main problem with Hunter wellies? Choosing which colour I would like. Well, which colour I'd like first anyway.


  1. The hares and the yellow ones are my faves.
    They get Hunters in at TKMaxx quite often, so always worth a look. Bit put off by the fact that 'all the beautiful people' have claimed them as their own at Glasto!!
    Also, being a big, fat knacker, it is really hard to find tall wellies to fit over my calves!!!!
    Thank you so much for my letter. Such a treat!
    Z xx
    PS Good job I previewed this, as I had spelt wellies with an 'i'!

  2. I do love Wellibobs! They are my fave and I don't think I would be without mine <3 xxx

  3. ah those little wellies are so cute! xx

  4. I love wellies, unfortunately my calves are annoyingly disproportionately larger than my feet so I can never find any that fit comfortably!

    Jennie xo |