Monday, 3 June 2013

weekend round-up..


vintage apothecary style bottles
new tea-shirt
a possible new obsession

Since I don't use Instagram, I don't usually do this sort of photo-round-up post, but I was feeling quite pleased about the amount of things I managed to fit into the small portion of time I spent at home this weekend. I'm trying to be more realistic in the expectations I set for myself, and whilst I do still have a to-do list to work to, I am learning (mostly thanks to Becks) that it's not the end of the world if things change or I don't manage to tick everything off.

 I spent some of my weekend playing with some of my new toys: the radio and the coffee grinder were both birthday presents, and I'm quite excited about being able to take my portable radio camping with me, or to the allotment (I know a smartphoney-type ipod thing would be smaller, but I'm not that cool and I really like the retro look!).

My Tea-Rex tee was a birthday present too, and I love it! Perfect spring-cleaning (should that be 'summer cleaning'?) attire. I had a bit of a clear-out, have moved the bedroom furniture around and some of the ornaments in the living room, and trying to convince myself that I don't need any more pieces of furniture.

Particularly tempted by some of the French furniture and accessories on the Out There Interiors site, I have been having a serious browse lately, and cannot begin to explain how much I want to offer a home to this map print chest of drawers but managed to stick to just asking for this set of apothecary bottle. I can't decide what to store in them, although they are pretty enough to remain decorative, I suppose...? I'm not sure I'm convinced about the idea of decanting perfume from their bottles, as they usually come in fairly pretty packaging anyway.

I've also been spending some time playing some online games, which you can have a go at here.. I'd be the first to admit I'm not much of a  gambler; I used to go to the local bingo hall but had never really 'got' the whole online thing, but my bingo friend was over the other day and trying to convince me of the benefits of playing online. Apparently she makes quite a lot from playing poker online! I started off with something simple and have been getting into Gonzo's Quest, which is quite an easy slot-based one (in theory, although I've only made about 55p so far).

I did manage to spend some time at the allotment. It's still a long way from being finished, but for the first time this weekend, I looked at part of it and decided that it is starting to look a bit more like a proper veg patch. I've been growing a lot of the seedlings at home and then bringing them down to the plot when they are big and hardy (although not in the case of the cauliflower seedlings) enough to go into the ground. One day it will look a lot better. I have big plans to build some compost heaps when I can source some pallets, and I'd really like to get my shed on to the area I've paved in readiness. But again, I'm trying not to stress about it - it's supposed to be a hobby, not a job.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh that pink radio is amazing... I am so jealous! xx

    Gemma ♥ |

  2. Cor, the allotment's coming on, isn't it? Is that spuddies I spy? Gardening's a weird have all the best laid plans and then Nature bu**ers you around and then YOU'RE left feeling rubbish!!
    Basically, I've run out of space in our tiny garden; I have some sad sweet peas to plant out somewhere, but I've neither space nor bamboo canes!
    Z xx

  3. Happy (belated) birthday! Absolutely love your dinosaur t-shirt, it's brilliant!

  4. Sounds like a nice busy weekend, I am still massively jealous of your coffee grinder!

    Maria xxx

  5. Loved seeing your allotment! :)

  6. Argh that t-shirt is amazing!!

    The apothecary bottles are beautiful. I reckon if I was the collecting type (and had a real life space of my own) I'd go all in for collecting different kinds of bottles. My Mum used to have some of the blue poison bottles in our dining room and I loved them, was gutted when she got rid of them.

  7. I love your Tea shirt :) And Happy Birthday!

  8. The pink radio is amazing and the tea rex is genius!