Friday, 12 July 2013

friday favourites 052..

001: Green Gingham Swimsuit, £59.95
002: Petite Mendigote sandals, £76.79

001:This week I've been relishing in the sunshine and sort of wishing I was on holiday by the sea, with a pile of good books and the sand between my toes. If I was, I think I'd love to be lounging around in just about any of the swimsuits from the For Luna site. A search for cute swimwear meant I stumbled across this site last week and I love the gingham print and the cut of this suit, although if I was a little braver I'd love to be able to wear this polka dot bikini.

002: These shoes would go rather perfectly with the swimsuit and a huge floppy hat, I think. I love the dainty plaited strap detail on them, and the way the straps at the front are turned up to show off a little of the gold underneath: very cute.

All I need now is to book a holiday..!


  1. I've having similar hankerings for sun, sand and books... if only!
    Loving all this green - very Odd Socks Alex! Love the swimsuit and the bikini.

  2. That swimsuit is absolutely stunning!

  3. That is one gorgeous swimming cossie. I love most things gingham I have to admit. xx

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