Tuesday, 23 July 2013

in front of your eyes, it falls from the skies..

dress: oasis (via sarah)
sandals: dorothy perkins // cardigan: primark
bag: moony mood*
In one of those strange moods today. I'm too hot, despite the fact that we seem to have seen the last of the sun here for a while. I'd like some proper thunder and lightning, thunderstorm walks are the best. After a bit of a rage-filled afternoon yesterday, I'm feeling a lot happier.

This was my Saturday outfit; ostensibly just for popping into town on the bike for about half an hour, but I got waylaid and didn't end up coming home until after meeting my friend to watch Populaire at the cute little Old Market Hall cinema, which I really enjoyed, particularly for the outfits.

I have to admit I almost literally pounced on this dress (and the yellow version) when we were at Sarah's house recently. I loved the Floral Frocks range that Oasis used to (and perhaps still do) stock and had owned both of them, neither of which fit me any longer. So I'm rather glad to have them again in a more appropriate size without having to try and track them down on ebay. I'm definitely embracing the strapless dress, once more. I was even complimented on my outfit by some cute bloke on a bike as I was cycling through town, which sort of made me smile.


  1. I can see why cycle man complimented you, you look lovely!

    Maria xxx

  2. That dress is gorgeous Char! Pink really suits you xxx

  3. Yay for cute guy on the bike and he has taste, you look awesome in this dress. We had t&l storm today but not quite as scary and loud as I'd have liked ; )

  4. I loved Populaire, agreed on the fantastic outfits!
    And you look very lovely, you should get complimented by cute cyclists more often! :)