Monday, 1 July 2013


If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my tweets agreeing to Lucy's idea of #jillianjuly, which involves us embracing Jillian Michaels and all of her DVD-based exercises once again.

I know I have mentioned before that I am perpetually unhappy with, and therefore constantly trying to make positive changes to my body. I'm not happy with the way I look, but I do make an effort to exercise as often as I can, which has to be doing something, right? I'm not sure I've ever really gone into what I do.

At the moment, I swim first thing in the morning, during the week at least, because my gym doesn't open early enough at the weekends. I switched to morning swimming last year; I'd previously swum each day after work, but I was getting fed up of it for a number of reasons, and it's been a good thing, because I usually get a lane to myself and most of the morning swimmers are there for the same reason as I am - an uninterrupted swim. Plus, since I'm naturally an early riser, I don't find that I've had to get up any earlier than I would have done anyway, I just feel as though I'm using my time more wisely.

Speedo Aquabeat 1GB Waterproof MP3 Player - Pink
So that's mornings. I tend to do about 100 lengths, usually breast stroke. I don't count as often as I used to, now that I have my waterproof mp3 player I just listen to whichever audiobook or podcast I've loaded onto it that day. I have to point out that this is one of the best presents I've been given. Probably ever. I'd mentioned that I wanted one, although hadn't done ANY research into what kind, and this was the one my friend picked for me. I've never had any problems with it. The battery seems to last for a few days of the sort of use I give it (usually in the pool 35-40mins each morning), the volume is good, the buttons are simple and the headphone buds are like little Xmas trees which go right in your ear and are totally waterproof. The player floats and is waterproof. I did buy an armband for it (this one: Speedo Aquabeat Sports Armband Colour PINK )but the stitching was a little poor on it and it began to fall apart within a week so that I wouldn't recommend.

 Then, after work, I try to go either into the gym to do my workout, or to spinning class (or ideally, both of those things). Most classes I've tried in the past have required more co-ordination than I seem to be able to manage - I'm the one in the step class who's going in the wrong direction, if you're wondering. So, spinning is great because you can't get it wrong in that way. You have total control over the resistance you set your bike at, you can only pedal forwards and you also have total control over the speed. It's tough, yes, but don't be put off if you're considering it; it can only be as tough as you make it.

Nike Flex Running Shoes
New Balance Running Shoes
Some people in the class have proper cycling shoes; the ones you can clip into the pedals. But, since I'm one of those who agree wholeheartedly with Chloe's recent post about not trying to be an Olympian in every single thing I do, I don't. Nor do I really want any. What I really want is a pair of functional gym-friendly trainers, in a cute and girly colour.

These Nike ones would be pretty much perfect, they are part of a huge selection of running shoes I stumbled across on the Millet Sports site. I love the purple colour. I was a bit gutted that they don't seem to have my size in stock though, so these New Balance ones might have to do.

I'm thinking that I should be able to easily fit a 30 Day Shred workout into the evening, which would help. I don't have any of her other DVDs but I know there are plenty - does anyone have any others which they'd recommend? And will you be joining us for #JillianJuly ? If so, get in contact on Twitter and we can all help each other stay motivated.


  1. I am always amazed at how much exercise you manage to fit in, I need to sign up to my swimming lessons, pronto!

    Maria xxx

  2. I've been doing the 30 Day Shred since April, but have never done the whole 30 days straight. (Which although it has had a massive impact on my weightloss and exercise regime, I really want to do the whole 30 and not having a day off would really show I mean business and mean something to me).
    Since getting back off holiday I'm on day 9 - and determined to make 30 without a stop)
    I probably sound crazy right now, but #jillianjuly will be a great incentive for me xxx

  3. I recommend Jillian's six week six pack, it's a brilliant core workout.
    I'm kind of excited about #jillianjuly even if it wont have all that much Jillian in it! x