Wednesday, 3 July 2013

leopard tortoise..

tortoise ring : gift // necklace : charity shop
top + skirt : primark
heels : Spartoo

I mentioned that I'd taken Little Sis shopping last week. We went to Liverpool and spent a lovely day around the shops, fabric shopping, lunching at Leaf, taking in some modern art at the Tate, then meeting Alex for dinner at Byron Burger, which is apparently worth the hype.

I had such a huge dilemma when I was trying to decide on an outfit to wear. I knew I needed shoes which I could walk in all day, without any problems. I have "Tea and Cakes" heels in a few different colourways now and I haven't had any problems with their comfort in terms of walking around all day, although with this particular pair, I found that the elastic on the bow of the left shoe was digging into the top of my foot a little by the end of the day.

I also knew I always tend to get too warm when wandering around shops, so I didn't want to take a coat, but the weather wasn't looking great. So I'll let you into a secret: I started off in a jumper, got too warm and so had to change into a top I picked up in Primark during the course of the day. Luckily, we'd decided to head back to the car to drop off our shopping bags, so I had the chance to change - good job, as I hate being too warm. Lesson learnt: don't wear a jumper for shopping trips.


  1. I've said it numerous times but i'll say it again I LOVE YOUR SHOE COLLECTION CHAR!

  2. When we leave the house in this country at the moment, I think we need a mini wheelie suitcase of clothes, just to cover 'every eventuality'!
    Do Guides, like Scouts, have to "be prepared"?
    Love the shoes and the skirt.
    I want to see Alex'd be lovely to see her and have a natter.
    Z xx

  3. I love that skirt Char, the colour is beautiful x