Wednesday, 10 July 2013

well well said the rocking chair..

chair print blazer : asos
heels : primark
dress : matalan
This blazer is one of the (many) items which have sat around in the wardrobe room since their purchase, with their tags on, and sort of forgotten about. Well, recently I had quite a huge tidy up, rearrange and the beginnings of a clear-out of some of my clothes, so that it's easier to see what I've got, and to find the things I want to wear, when I want them.

This is going to be a longish project, but it feels good to be restoring order and to find that everything has it's place. It's a small thing, but it's all helping to add to the feeling of removing the chaos from my life, one step at a time.

So, onto the chair print blazer. I'd never worn it, so I thought I'd team it with this dress for a bit of a nautical colour scheme. The colours in these heels make them pretty versatile, so they seemed to go quite nicely with the rest of the outfit.


  1. how could you have never worn this blazer?! It's lush!

  2. I do love a good blazer and this one is particularly fabulous!

    Jennie xo |

  3. chair print? mad but I love it x

  4. Those heels are so nice :)

  5. The blazer is really nice, loving the heels, might have to check out my local primark for a pair! xx