Friday, 23 August 2013

friday favourites 057..

001: School's Out Dress, £36.80
002: Field of Dreams dress, £43
Last week's wishlist seemed to be all about embracing the change of season, whereas now that I've found the Miss Patina site, all I want to do is embrace pretty summer dresses for as long as possible. Sarah and I were on a mission during the week to try and find as many UK based clothing brands as we could.

001: How cute is the  pretty cloud print on this dress? I'm quite sure I don't have any clouds in my wardrobe - well, fairly sure anyway so this would be a welcome addition.

002: This is the dress which first stole my heart when I first clicked on to the site. I was completely drawn to the green piping around the neckline and the fact that it matches the buttons on the bodice, before I even noticed the pretty floral print on the skirt. Really want this!

What has caught your eye this week? Do you know of any other UK brands?


  1. The School's Out dress is SO beautiful <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Love the clouds. Think I'll be paying this site a little visit...

  3. oh my the school's out dress is soooo pretty