Friday, 30 August 2013

friday favourites 058..

001: Peter Jensen dinosaur jumper, £195, ASOS
002: ASOS Leather Midi Skirt, £120
Despite the fact that I might currently be camping, at the beach, and therefore want decent weather, please, my thoughts this week have mostly been turning to autumn weather, lots of layers, jumpers and luxe fabrics. (Well, that's not strictly true, there was this Emily and Fin dress which I have my eye on, but they're making it sort of impossible to get hold of.)

001: I have about a trillion jumpers already. Having never previously been much of a jumper fan, my collection does seem to have grown and grown over the past year. I need this dinosaur one, though. And isn't the ant print skirt sort of awesome as well?

002: I have a thing about leather skirts. I already had a dilemma about whether or not my leather pencil skirt is too dominatrix for a day at the office, but I don't think it is. A leather midi skirt would therefore be totally ok, no? Particularly in this lovely burgundy colour!

What are you hoping for as the seasons start to change?


  1. I wore a pleather pleated skirt to work once and got some odd looks but this midi looks perfect. Dino jumper is amazing but so is the price tag :(

  2. Love the jumper

  3. I love the skirt and jumper combo in the first picture. I'm kinda ready for A/W too... I want to wear tights and boots and scarves again!

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  4. That jumper is adorable! Love the dinosaur! :)

  5. I love the skirt, it would look fab on you! X