Friday, 6 September 2013

friday favourites 059..

Louche Sydney Belted Coat £130
001: Louche Sydney Coat, £130
002: Babianne Jumper, £45
003: And Mary Leopard Sunglasses, £45
I have to admit, I have sort of struggled this week. I'm not really enthused by the prospect of searching through the dregs of the sales, and the winter things I have my eye on (the Fever Farringdon dress, M+S LImited Edition coat and the pea coat from Tara Starlet haven't yet hit the shops) so I'm at a bit of a shopping stalemate. There was one M&S dress with which I fell into a deep love, but it's already sold out in my size across THE WHOLE OF THE WORLD, or so I'm told.

However, then I visited the Joy site for the first time in an age, and inspiration did hit a little.

001: I'm rather liking everything about this coat. The colour, the shape and the length are all perfect. I think the huge collar would look quite classy and flattering, it makes me think of a trench coat, but much cuter!

002: I think I really ought to start a branch of the Wardrobe Zoo just for jumpers - I have so many it's possibly getting a little out of hand. But I don't yet have a deer print jumper, which makes it totally ok to stalk the website until the end of the weekend, when this little beauty should be online, right?

003: I know it's the end of summer and all, but every time I see them I want these sunglasses. So badly!

What's taking your fancy this week?


  1. I do love that coat its stunning and the jumper is so cute. I think I may buy a jumper with a Fox or Deer on this year lol x

  2. That deer print is really cute, cosy for winter days that lie ahead, especially given the rain that has hit this morning, it is well on it's way! I am have a severe lusting session for Free People today. x Happy Friday.

  3. Thanks for the message hun! I am SOOOO glad not to have to worry about winter coats, bring on the australia sunshine :)
    Which i guess means i COULD warrant a new pair of extremely fabulous sunnies ive just seen.... haha. xx