Wednesday, 9 October 2013

a short hiatus..

Well this week is really not getting any better than the last one. I am getting even less sleep than I was (please, someone talk to me about sleeping aids and what I need to be looking for: I need some results), work is stressing me out even more, and I'm finding I seem to have even less time to fit everything in than usual.

Today I'm taking a day off (to be honest, the thought of it is stressing me out more than it should: I'm dreading coming back to two days work to do tomorrow but I'm going to try to enjoy it.)

I'm going to the seaside and to see my sister, both of which are things which make me happy.


  1. Feel better soon Char, hope a well deserved break does you the world of good xxx

  2. Sending love your way! Feeling stressed is never fun, I hope things get better <3

  3. Lovely girl,perhaps you are doing too much.That would account for too much stress and not being able to sleep.There is only so much of you to go around. Perhaps instead of more things for you to do you should cut a few things back.Stress and not sleeping can make you sick so take it easy for a bit.We all want to be super women but we re just human.Give yourself a break.:-)XO

  4. Hope you feel better soon and don't stress yourself too much! xx

  5. I'm seconding Amber/Vudupink here! (what a brilliant name!)
    Look after yourself, hun. MY CBT guy is trying to get me to do 'relaxation' which is falling on deaf ears!! I find it really difficult! Must try harder!!
    Z xx