Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Candy screen wrappers of silkscreen fantastic..

Girlfriend Coat: Tara Starlet
Norma Dress: Emily + Fin
Handbag: vintage
Heels: New Look

A rare occurrence on Saturday night, I put this outfit on and really liked it all. I'd been planning to wear this dress and coat together ever since they'd both arrived, I just hadn't yet found the perfect outing for them. Until  Saturday evening, when Mother and I headed out to a murder mystery evening.

It was grand fun. We were all seated at tables for dinner, and the characters were seated with us, so we got to know them, then a bit of acting on the stage, a murder (of course), then a chance for us all to speak to the witnesses / suspects before making our guesses as to whodunnit.

We didn't have any luck with guessing the culprit, but I was complimented on my outfit and tried to remember that it's polite and not self-centred to accept compliments graciously. This sort of outfit was exactly what I had in mind for this Tara Starlet coat - heels and a dress.

And as for the dress? I fell for it months ago on the Emily & Fin website, but had just about given up hope on ever tracking it down, as all of their stockists placed orders without choosing to stock this one. (Why not? It's a beautiful length, shape and a much nicer cut than some of the others, in my opinion!) After speaking to a few e&f stockists with no success, I'd almost given up hope, when Emily & Fin contacted me direct to help me out.

Other than this one, I've been sort of struggling for a little while to find dresses I really like this season and which I could feasibly wear to both work and for an evening out. Most of the stores seem to have moved away from the pretty 50s shapes I usually favour. I ordered an ASOS one from last week's wishlist post, but that's going straight back as it turned out to be nothing like it's photos. I have seen a couple of pretty party dresses in Coast, lately. This one in particular has stolen my heart, but I'm not sure even I could dress that down for the office...Any suggestions?


  1. The dress is beautiful! Also, I'm jealous you got to go to a murder mystery, I've read all about them but haven't ever gotten the chance to go, they sound awesome!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  2. Ohh that coat, SO gorgeous! A murder mystery evening sounds like a lot of fun!

    Jennie xo |

  3. I love that dress. So glad you managed to track it down. It looks really good on you

  4. Love the neckline on this, very nice!

  5. OOoh, you've just reminded me that I had a blouse in my basket at Tara Starlet online! Must go and buy it!!! I love both the coat and the dress- very pretty! ooh, I've never done a murder mystery BUT I did guess who dun it at Agatha Christie's Mousetrap!x