Monday, 28 October 2013

Destination still unknown, it's a fact of life..

blazer: primark
STAR platforms + skirt: Topshop
beaded top: Street Vintage
This was my outfit for a trip to the theatre last week. I'd seen this skirt in Topshop in Leeds, but hadn't been sure about the underneath layer - I'd have preferred for it to have been the same length as the top layer. But when it hit the sale, I decided to give it a try and also saw this pair of amazing shoes, which I hoped would go nicely with the skirt, so I placed my order and waited patiently, only to find that the shoes were out of stock, so the rest of my order was dispatched without them. Gaaah.

After trying just about all of the stores I had a hope of getting to, and with no luck, I used the little "check in store" section of the website and managed to find a pair in my size in Nottingham. Which is nowhere near me. Thankfully, the lovely Tori went to pick them up for me and sent them on, and I'm so glad she did as I really love them. The glitter on the platforms is great and doesn't seem to flake off at all, which I must admit I'd sort of been expecting it to. I think they go quite well with the skirt as well.

As for the top, I'd happened to visit Street Vintage the weekend before, and couldn't resist this beaded top. I love 20s style tops like this, and keep imagining wearing them with a pretty hat and skirt to channel Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, which is one of my current favourite things. (I was very happy to make it back from the gym last night in time to see it!)

To finish things off, my beloved elephant print blazer and a sewing machine pendant which I love, as I've been trying to make an effort to wear some more of my jewellery.

I've had a rather lovely weekend, busy and full of nice things (although a few changes to plan here and there) but I can sense that this week is going to be like the last couple and truly stress me out. I mentioned on Twitter on Friday that I'm currently jewellery shopping, so if you have any links to pretty jewellery sites, please let me know. I'm not quite sure what I have in mind, but I'm leaning towards a diamond ring, I think. That said, I saw this bangle on Hillier and it had me quite tempted.

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  1. Wow wow wow those shoes are magical!!! X xo