Friday, 4 October 2013

friday favourites 063..

001: Dorothy Perkins Bear Jumper, £28
002: French Connection Pricilla boots, £143.99
Well, there's no escaping it, is there? Autumn seems to be upon us. And not that pretty, colourful leafy Autumn, but that horrid damp one where all the leaves just end up being a slippery mess, rather than a kickable heap. Yucky Autumn where your scarf just acts as a sponge rather than keeping you all toasty warm. Not impressed so far, but I've been shopping my way through the Autumn clothing and have found a few things which I probably need. You know, to prepare myself..

001: This jumper well and truly stole my heart this week. I think I might have to buy two, as polar bear things always remind me of Little Sis, and I know she'd only steal mine.. I wish the waffley effect was on the whole jumper, not just the front but DP's never seem to get their knitwear quite to my liking. Cute, though.

002: As I'm not sure I actually own any plain black boots, this pair have made it onto the list of essential AW items.  I like the fact that they're not completely and utterly plain; that would be boring. The zip detail adds a certain something to them, as does the chunky sole, which I'd thought was hideous to begin with, but seems to be growing on me a little. Sensible, right?


  1. Those boots are really, really nice. Get them!

  2. Ahh that jumper is the cutest! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. Oh they are totally sensible, you won't slip on the ice in those! Adore that jumper so cute x

  4. That jumper is adorable and looks so cozy! :)

  5. That jumper's on my wishlist, too. It's so cute!