Thursday, 10 October 2013

i'd rather hang around and be there with my best friend if she wants me..

owl print dress: clothing at tesco
ballet pumps: faith
waistcoat: h+m
I picked up this dress (tunic, according to the website) whilst I was shopping, the other day. I don't usually find myself that drawn to bird or owl prints; they can be quite hit and miss, but I liked these flying owls and the contrast between their colour and the background of the fabric.

It's quite a casual, jersey material. I tried it with heels but it didn't really work, so with it being long-sleeved I thought of this waistcoat. I was really excited by that when I spotted it in H&M back in the spring, but I think I've only worn it once or twice, as I don't have that many long-sleeved dresses and in my head it doesn't work with a lot else.

Another pair of flat shoes - what is happening to me?! - I felt a bit odd in them, to be honest. As though the ties around my ankles make my legs look shorter. Isn't it odd how your opinion of something can change over time, as I used to wear these shoes to death when I was in college.

I did have quite a nice day off yesterday, although I seem to have arrived back to double the stress. I seem to be living with a permanent headache, recently. It was nice to see my sister and spend time with her, if only for a little while as she needed to try and get some sleep before her night shift. I was happy to see the sea, even though it was rainy. We weren't able to go to Puffin Island, which had been the plan, as it's too late in the season, but we managed to buy lots of goodies from the charity shops around, and had some ice cream.

I also stopped in for a catch up with one of my friends on the way home. I've really missed her, so that was good. although weird, I suppose. All a bit strange going back.


  1. Oh I need that dress, love it! x

  2. this tunic dress is so lovely on you! I've just never pulled off the waistcoat, I've no idea how I'd wear one and my arm would get cold :) x

  3. You are the queen of prints :)
    Sorry to hear you stressed out for a min there, but luckily for you - icecream always makes things better (unless its freezing cold and you get brainfreeze :p) I wish i could wear heels, but i think i look too tall and my bambi legs seem to just topple whenever i try... so its flats all the way!! x

  4. I love the print on the dress. I love a good bird print, but they're hit and miss with me, too. They're so over done now that there are loads of tacky designs around- which are so uninspiring.

  5. Puffin Island sounds like my idea of Heaven.
    I have to say, I did a double-take of you in flats!!
    Z xx