Thursday, 31 October 2013

Life is our find, hollow is he..

halloween print skirt: handmade
jumper: clothing at tesco
heels: primark
Ok, so I'm not usually one to make a big fuss about Halloween. I never did the Trick or Treating thing (never really saw the point; there is something a little absurd about knocking on strangers' doors and expecting them to give you something, and threatening violence if they don't, isn't there?!) and although I have vague memories of Halloween-themed parties at Brownies or school discos, I don't recall much else. But apparently, since then, it's a Major Deal.

*Digs out this skirt and jumps on bandwagon*

As you can see in the background, I've now done my food shopping for the weekend away with the Guides. (In fact, due to my electricity being off for more than a day without me knowing, I've actually done a lot of it twice, and I'm pretty cross about it, I have to say). This week has been full to the brim, so far, and looks set to continue.

I've finally taken the plunge and ordered myself a Polar heart monitor (I cashed in my Tesco vouchers with their new Clubcard Boost scheme and it almost covered it - who knew I shopped at Tesco so much?!) so I'll go and pick that up later.

Yesterday, I went to give blood, which is one of my most-hated things ever. I literally shake as I'm waiting to be called up. But it's something I try to do when I can (I've been turned away a few times in the past few years for varying medical reasons, but was able to again last night). It makes me sad that so many people rely on our health service (however much they may bitch and moan about it) and yet how few people give blood. Apparently only 4% of the population do so. If you think you can help, find out more here.

After my cup of squash and a packet of ginger biscuits, I headed over to my grandparents' house to collect my Nana and take her out to the theatre, which was rather good. I do seem to be spending loads of time at the theatre, lately. There have been a heap of good things on though, which makes a change. We saw a rather good Cadfael murder mystery, put on by The Middle Ground Theatre Company, which was quite fitting as the writer was local to the town. I was so tired when I got home, and really not in the mood for finding the electricity had been off and the freezer had defrosted everything. Good job my closest supermarket is open 24hrs.


  1. Wonderful skirt! Wish I had one like it. Happy Halloween from across the Pond.

  2. Such a cute skirt! I'm not into halloween either!

    Jennie xo |

  3. That skirt is seriously amazing! I love the print and you did a good job in making it!

    I only ever went trick or treating a few times when I was little. I think my Mum always felt awkward taking us to knock on strangers' doors. It is weird to demand sweets off strangers, isn't it! The thing you're taught to stay away from when you're little is acceptable once a year! Halloween for me since about age eleven has just involved watching a few Halloween themed films, and some years I'll carve a pumpkin. I'm more of a Christmas person!

    It's great you donate blood. I've always intended to, but never have.. yet, mostly due to my work schedule or new tattoos in the past. I plan to try to donate regularly when I'm well enough to, if it could spare someone's life and a family from grieving.

  4. I've never done Trick or Treating either, I kind of hate halloween as I find masks pretty frightening.

    Hope the weekend is an improvement on the power failure, I'm off to do the family visiting rounds. Nice work on the boost vouchers too. I don't think my £5 worth will be buying us anything as exciting!

  5. Really brilliantly well done for giving blood even when you hate doing it. I used to work with people who would whimper "Oh but I hate needles" - I bet if they needed a donation they wouldn't be refusing a needle in their arm!!!!
    Unfortunately (and ridiculously!) they won't accept my blood here in France - not because I am a drug addict, not because I have had HepA or some other nasty, not because I was a prostitute in a former life - but because I lived in England during the 1980s and might (just) have the human equivalent of mad cow disease. It doesn't matter that they are as short of blood in France as in the UK, it doesn't matter that in an emergency France will buy blood from the UK,, it doesn't matter that I can donate my organs. When I turned up, clutching my blood donor card they sadly (and reluctantly) turned me & Mr FD away. (actually, they let us stay to help ourselves to wine, sausage, bread, and chocolate first - not just tea and a biscuit in France!!)