Monday, 21 October 2013

room for one more troubled soul..?

dress: Cath Kidston // cardigan: River Island
handbag: Lipsy (from Emily's blog sale)
heels: primark
Today I seem to be back to hating everything there is to hate about my body shape, my outfit and everything else, but when I wore this outfit on Friday I rather liked it, and weirdly I liked EVERYTHING about most of this weekend's outfits, as well. So, perhaps I've filled my quota of nice outfits for the time being.

So, Friday's outfit was put together in quite the rush as I left it until I was heading out of the door at 6.15 to go to Metafit to throw some things in my gym bag for after the session. I have to admit, I love the buttons on this cardigan, but it's so big on me now that I think it looks a bit frumpy - any advice on how I can shrink it, but not too much?

I tried to match the colours of the bird print to the cardigan and also my new (to me) handbag, which I've been using a lot of this week - it's so big and such a pretty colour. I'd never thought of Lipsy as anything other than a tacky dress brand, so I'm pleasantly surprised. And I have no idea what I'll do when these shoes finally bite the dust.


  1. Your bag is gorgeous & you look super lovely! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Hey Char thats a really pretty outfit :) I know there are some days you just hate everything but guess it maybe depends on something other?!
    Sorry i've no advice on how to shrink a cardi without any damage :(
    xx Tani

  3. love that handbag! I love picking up bits from blog sales!

  4. We all get days like that, when nothing feels right on at all, and I'm sure you'll feel better about yourself and your wardrobe soon! You look fantastic in this outfit, anyway. The skirt is gorgeous and I love that you wore it with yellow! Not enough people wear yellow!