Tuesday, 22 October 2013

She's a big swimmer that won't go near the ocean..

Jumper: Peter Jensen @ ASOS
Satchel: Zatchels (via Emily's blog sale)
Shorts, tights and boots: Primark
OK, I caved. I bought the Best Jumper Ever, which I featured in a Friday Favourites post back in August and now I never need another jumper again. Or at least that's how I justified it to myself, anyway.

I couldn't wait for a chance to wear it, so when I had to head into town first thing for a dentist appointment (9am on Saturday, awesome) I threw it on with my green leather shorts and some cycle-friendly shoe boots. 

It also gave me a chance to use my new Zatchels satchel. I have to admit, I've never bought into the hype of satchel bags. I know that everyone in the world went mental when Zatchels had that sale on, but I refrained from ordering as I wasn't sure I was that fussed about one. I've always preferred the less rectangular shapes, like my Brit-Stitch one, but when I saw that Emily was getting rid of this one, in what would have been my choice of print, I decided to take a chance on it and see what I thought of them.

It was small enough to fit easily into the basket of my Pashley, for cycling into town, but at the same time, big enough that I could easily carry all of the essentials, plus three paying in books, and a book for reading in the waiting room at the dentist - all important things! So I was impressed with it on that score. I must admit, the fact you have to buckle / unbuckle it every time you want something is a bit of a nuisance, but in the end I just kept my phone in my pocket, which is the thing I'd usually want to access quickly, so it wasn't a major problem. And I do really like the colour. So, all in all, I guess I'm quite taken with it.


  1. Awesome jumper, and re: Zatchels, I use mine when I cycle as my new bike doesn't have a rack or a basket and it sits across body really well without sliding about or dangling.

  2. Love the jumper! Looks fab! I have a satchel, but not a Zatchel's one. I like it, but it doesn't, as Chloe points out with yours that it does, sit very well and seems to stick out and slide about.

  3. Ohh wow, I love your jumper! I've always been tempted to get one of the bunny ones from the same brand but never taken the plunge!

    Jennie xo |

  4. Lovely jumper and you'll have to wear it all the time for that price ; ) Yeah I never thought about the unbuckling issue before, that would be annoying. I recently found my leather school satchel I had when I was 5 and considered using it as a handbag, but I couldn't be faffed with unbuckling.

  5. Yayyyyyyyy dino jumper! I'm so pleased you succumbed :D

  6. I so love that jumper! A patient at work at the most amazing dinosaur top on earlier, it was so you but I didn't have the chance to ask where it was from :(

  7. That jumper is perfect!

  8. that jumper is so so cute!

  9. This jumper is so perfect on you, I really love it!

    Maria xxx