Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday Shoes 025: ASOS Happy Days sandals..

Picture 003
ASOS Happy Days sandals, £19
Picture 001

You know when you have one of those moments where you see something awesome, forget to order it for a while, then go back and it's sold out? That's what happened to me with these sandals.

I had them in my saved items for a while, then when I went to order them, they'd gone. They're also available in white and black, but I had my heart set on the shiny pink, because it makes me think of some party shoes I had when I was little.

Thankfully, checking on them daily paid off after a few weeks, as someone must have returned a pair, so I snapped them up and they arrived the next day. The chunky heel isn't the kind of height I usually go for, but I don't think they'd have worked as nicely if they'd been higher.

No issues with comfort here and the ankle strap means they fit nicely around the ankle, too. Now I just need some parties to go to. I wish I could pull off the sandals / socks trend which looks so cute on just about everyone else in the world.


  1. Such beautiful shoes!

  2. I really like these! I know what you mean about sandals and socks, it's a look I just can't pull off.

  3. These would be gorgeous with white tights and a prom dress, very little girl grown up!
    I also had similar sandals as a kid :-)

  4. They are SO stunning, what a beautiful colour! <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. HA! Love the dino!! works quite nicely w/ the shoes :)

  6. those shoes are amazing! Love love love the colour - it's so good when you lust after something for ages and then finally get it!

  7. Ooh I nearly bought these in black, might have to rethink that now! :)