Thursday, 24 October 2013

There's a spy by my window, I know it's you..

Animal Print Prom Dress: Matalan*
Trench Coat: Primark
Heels: Primark
I know that I've already mentioned that I love this dress, over here. But I really love it, so I couldn't wait to wear it again. I may have had ever-such-a-tiny-issue with the zip after my morning swim; I could not seem to reach properly to do it up. After ten minutes or so, I was just on the verge of going outside to see if I could find someone in the office to help me, but thankfully I managed it.

What with the weather being so funny lately, I decided that I would give my "spy coat" an outing.

Despite my recent obsession with coats, I'm having a little bit of a love/hate relationship with this one. I don't usually go for such pale colours, but I decided that a plain, light-weight but waterproof coat would be a sensible addition to my wardrobe.

I have to admit, trench coats like this always make me think of spy movies, and in my head should be teamed with a pair of sensible desert boots, like these ones. so I think the thought of those park-bench-and -briefcase-manoeuvres. I spent a good part of the day imagining I was Harriet the Spy , a character book which I used to love when I was a child.


  1. Beautiful beautiful dress, and being Harriet for a day would be amazing. I like coats, and I tried on the Henry Holland Debenham one you have (it looked horrific on my chubby frame) but in all honesty, with cycling to work, I'm really not getting much wear out of coats, except my high viz waterproof....

  2. I love trench coats & your dress is gorgeous <3

    Jennie |

  3. I am mildly obsessed with that fab dress! xo

  4. I saw the dress in the person today and absolutely lovve it, was so tempted by it myself!

  5. That dress is beautiful on you! :)

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  7. love that shape on you :)

    the print is so pretty too