Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Turn yourself around, you weren't invited..

OK, something weird is going on. It became apparent on my shopping trip on Saturday, that I am getting to be more sensible in my spending. Well, a little. By my standards, anyway.

Ghost Jumper: New Look*
Coat: Clothing at Tesco
Pleather skirt: Primark
Here's an example. I've had my eye on an oxblood coloured leather skirt for quite a while now (first featured in this post, but on my ASOS saved items ever since). When I was in Primark on Saturday and saw a similar, albeit shorter, pleather version, I weighed up the pros and cons in my head. How much wear do I usually get from any one of my skirts? Not that much, I decided. I've only worn the majority of my skirts, whatever style / colour a handful of times each, so does it really make sense to pay £120 for one, when I could have a shorter version in the same colour for £7. Does the fact it's not real leather bother me? Not really.

That means I can take the £113 I've not spent on leather skirts and put it towards something more useful. Christmas presents, of which the shopping is well underway (see, I feel quite organised this year) or one of the many things I keep thinking I really *should*  buy, but never quite get round to. Like a heart rate monitor, or a new camera, or I've even found myself browsing cycle websites to find some proper cycle shoes, for spinning. 

The skirt was a good choice for my Saturday evening outfit for the theatre. Little Sis and I went for an evening of ghost stories, which gave me an opportunity to wear my new ghost jumper. The walk in the torrential rain between the car park and the door meant we both got soaked, but my skirt was pretty useful as it's quite waterproof!

In other news, Mother bought me this poppy brooch at the weekend, too, which I absolutely love. I make no secret about the fact that I'm a strong atheist, but I make an exception (call me a hypocrite I guess) and the one occasion per year I will attend a church is for Remembrance Sunday, where we partake in the annual parade with the Guides. I'm hoping that I won't be as likely to lose this poppy as I am with the paper ones - I think having too many coats is the problem.


  1. Oh that's a fab brooch! I always buy about 6 of the paper ones and leave a stash by the front door so I can grab them on the way out of the house.

  2. As I'm sure you can imagine, Remembrance is a big with us, and it's all gearing up for services, wreath laying and also our presence is required at the Lord Mayor's banquet on Nov 11th this year, so I'm on the hunt for something official Poppy, but a bit more exciting to go with black tie attire.

    Love the skirt also, that slightly shorter length looks freakin' awesome on you.

  3. Loving the brooch, so much nicer than the paper version.

    X x

  4. gorgeous outfit, i love the coat and the jumper is perfect for halloween! xo