Monday, 11 November 2013

Bright light city..

On Saturday, Sarah and I got up and ready and caught a train from Warwick to London to meet Rosie for the day. I wore the very pretty Duck and Duffel Audrey dress, which Sarah had passed on to me with my pink Oasis coat and a pair of Irregular Choice / Blythe shoes. At first I'd been worried the dress would be too short, but I love it.

dress: duck & duffel // coat: oasis // shoes: irregular choice

When the train got in, we hot-footed it to Oxford Circus on the Tube to find Rosie, had a quick look around Topshop and Miss Selfridge before deciding to find some brunch as the rain was starting to pour. There was lots of wedding talk as we chatted about ideas for Rosie's big day. I felt a little proud that I've met such lovely people through writing on this blog, and that they think enough of me to want to invite me to their special day! I've been thinking about this more and more recently, about considering people I've met online as some of my closest friends. Isn't it a far cry from the days when the thought of meeting someone you'd met through the internet had you branded a little weird?


I guess it's all a case of being more open with the things you share online. Sarah and I had been chatting with Roisin and Nic over dinner on Friday about this, and agreeing that we feel sorry for kids who have to grow up with today's level of technology. Imagine having your every moment documented online for the world to see, whether it be via Facebook, or a parent's blog, or one of those twitter accounts which parents set up for their baby? (I have to admit I consider those last ones in the same class as people who create twitter accounts for their pets - not cool). Are people too eager to overshare things these days? I guess it can be hard not to when you have so many social media platforms. I'm definitely of the opinion that people ought to be better educated about how much they share online, though.

Christmas decorations in Carnaby Street
I rather loved the John Lewis window displays
After yummy Eggs Florentine for brunch, we headed back to Oxford Street for the shops and I couldn't resist a look in the Irregular Choice shop in Carnaby Street (of course). I'm quite excited as I bought a pair which I'd not seen before. Once we were all shopped out (well, sort of), we went in search of a decent burger. We weren't taken with the idea of queuing for forty minutes in the rain for a burger, so we headed to Byron in Soho, where Rosie was forced into eating the last courgette fry, by our friendly waiter. She doesn't look impressed.

For dessert, we walked all of three doors down to Wahaca and ordered salted caramel ice cream and hot chocolates. I loved the ice cream, the hot choc not so much, but I was too full to have been able to manage it anyway. After a little more shopping in an attempt to walk off all of the food, we headed back to the train and made our way back home.


Of course, I bought a few things, which I will post about when I've had chance to unpack them all. I have to admit, the rest of the weekend passed at warp speed. I got home from Sarah's about 1am and had to be up for Remembrance Sunday parade with the Guides a few hours later.



  1. Hurrah for internet buddies! It's great to find like minded people but so annoying when they are so far away :(

  2. How exciting!!! Am sure you had a lovely time!!! And as always, look forward to seeing yet another pair of amazing ICs!x

  3. ooooh loving the carnaby street decorations! sounds like an awesome day xx

  4. Love your outfit. The pink coat looks especially pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing your purchases (especially the shoes). I really really want to go to the Carnaby Street Irregular Choice shop! It's been so long since I've even been down that street.

    I'm glad we didn't have social media sites when we were growing up. I would be mortified to look back on it all, for one thing. (I can see my teenage cousin cringing at her Facebook statuses in a few years!) It must be hell for kids who are being bullied; not just having to deal with being bullied in person, but through a dozen online sites, text messaging, email... Just think of how quickly a photo or a piece of gossip can be spread around... I wouldn't want to deal with being a teenager these days!

    It's funny how a decade ago (even a few years ago) it was universally known that everyone you talked to online was just a middle aged psychopath trying to prey on teenagers, and we wouldn't give out any personal details for fear of being found! And now making friends and dating online are becoming the norm. I really do love the friendships I've made online over the last few years xx

  5. Love your outfit.
    I find it quite scary the amount of really personal stuff that people write on media sites, but I love the fact I can trace people all around the world. I still get a secret (not now!) buzz when I email a friend from college who emigrated to Oz. I just find it a-maze-ing! (Maybe I'm just a sad old bu**er!)
    Z xx

  6. Your outfit is completely adorable!!!

  7. Yes! Some of my favourite people are ones I met online - although I still think a lot of RL friends would find it weird, sadly, so I don't let on how I know them!