Sunday, 10 November 2013

don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret..

dress, cardigan: h&m
boots: office // necklace: accessorize

I love this dress so much. (Although, truth be told, this is not the original one, I replaced it in a smaller size from Ebay last year). It's associated with all kinds of memories and I rather poignantly wore it for a shopping trip to Chester with Mother, Sister and Little Sis a couple of weeks back.

These boots are another thing which make me happy when I wear them. They remind me of my best friend, who has the same pair and inspired me to track a pair down for myself. I might not have got a lot of shopping done (other than some Xmas presents bought and let's ignore the fact that most of those got ruined in the flood and will need to be purchased again), but it was a nice outfit, and a nice day nonetheless.


  1. This dress is gorgeous, such a lovely shape on you!

    Maria xxx

  2. I do love those boots of yours <3

  3. I love the dress, so pretty :)

  4. Pretty outfit and how neat that you had to buy it again in a smaller size!!
    I love red boots and still have a pair my dad bought me nearly 20 years ago; they're unwearable, but I just can't bear to throw them away!
    Z xx