Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Don't wanna fall into the sea alone..

Dress: Tara Starlet "Marina"
Necklace: Matalan
Coat: vintage // Clutch Bag: primark
Heels: New Look
I went to watch The Nutcracker last weekend at the local theatre. I can't believe I'd not known it was going to be on; I obviously haven't checked the listings in a little while, but as soon as I realised I managed to secure myself one of the last tickets. I've only seen a couple of ballets so far, but The Nutcracker is one I'd always hoped to see.

I do like to dress up for the theatre, and this gave me an opportunity to wear my new Tara Starlet Marina dress. Sarah and I both decided we couldn't resist this dress and ordered it at the same time (sadly we missed the opportunity of taking a dress-twins photo, oops). This dress is really low cut at the back (so much so that I had to go with one of those pesky stick-on-cup bra things, which are always a nightmare. Sarah had hers shortened and used some of the excess fabric to fill in the gap at the back, but I quite like the contrast between the long sleeves and the low back, though.

I also couldn't resist an opportunity to wear one of my new Matalan necklaces, which I thought went with the colours in the dress quite nicely.

I felt all dressed up like a little kid going to a birthday party; I'm sure I had something similar to this dress with it's big poofy skirt and party fabric. I am pleased with it, and the measurements on this one are true to size. I'm not impressed by the fact that they seem to send all of their orders out by 2nd class post. Maybe it's just me, but if your dress costs more than £100, surely you'd be posting it using a slightly better service?

It's possible that this is just last night's really grumpy mood continuing. I wasn't very happy to get a phone call last night asking me to do something about the chalk marks which the guides had left on the walls and playground of the hut we'd stayed at several weekends ago (before I came home to the flooded flat), and to do it before Friday. Someone had mentioned them, but saying that "they'd taken a while to get rid of, so could you ask them not to do it again", which had made me think they'd been cleaned off. I'm not sure when I'm going to have time to do this as this is already a more-busy-than-usual week.

Roll on the weekend, hey?


  1. You look beautiful. That dress suits you so well.

  2. Ah i've been eyeing up this dress so i'm green with envy you've treated yourself to it!

  3. oooh very pretty dress and it fits so well, you're right though, should arrive within a couple of days. I'm grumpy too, having a really unlucky day xx

  4. Beautiful outfit. I'm pretty sure I had something similar as a kid too! It's nice to have something to get dressed up for too.

    I got to be a rat in The Nutcracker when we did it at ballet years ago (I was 16 or 17)....can't tell you how miffed I was at having to wear grey leggings with a tale attached rather than getting a pretty dress or tutu!

  5. Very nice holiday outfit! Perfect for the Nutcracker too

    atelier zozo

  6. Beautiful look Char, like a vintage lady of the manor perhaps x

  7. You look absolutely lovely! The dress is gorgeous, and with the coat over the top it looks perfect for the theatre. I would be annoyed at 2nd class postage for a dress of that price, too. Rude! xx

  8. So beautiful, I adore your dress! Can't believe they ship via 2nd class, it wouldn't be covered if it were to go missing in the post!!

    Jennie xo |

  9. This is such an amazing dress! You look wonderful and love the necklace with it too! Xx

  10. I love that necklace you have put with her, i may have to go seak that out for myself!

  11. Roll on the weekend indeed! You look so awesome in this dress, love it with the coat too! xx