Saturday, 9 November 2013

Fleet of black limousines, these tinted machines..

Jumper: Primark
Heels: Irregular Choice 'Beach Trip'
Skirt: Cath Kidston

I've been feeling the cold at the office over the last couple of days, which is not like me at all, so I wonder if I'm coming down with something. I decided a jumper would be the best way to combat this, so I tried to use this one to winter-fy this Cath Kidston skirt, as it's not had that much wear this year.

After almost a week with a couple of dehumidifiers running constantly, the flat seems to have dried out quite a bit. I still can hardly believe how much water I'm emptying out each day. Most of my things (sofas and soft furnishings, clothes etc) seem to be OK after a wash - my washing machine has been running almost constantly this week to keep up with the backlog.

I've had to have quite a deep clean of the kitchen - it was quite gross to see how much dust there must have been on the cooker hood as the water had made tracks through it. (Apologies, I'm clearly a domestic slattern). Thankfully the hob seems to be alright, but it's looking as though I need a new fridge freezer, as it's no longer working. It was sat in quite the pool of water, which I don't suppose helped. So annoying.

I was so glad to get back to the usual routine of swimming in the mornings and spin classes in the evening; it's crazy how taking just two days off can throw my mind so far off track.

As usual, I have a crazy-busy weekend planned, but with mostly nice things. Like a day in London with some lovely friends, then Remembrance Sunday with the Guides following which I think I've been summoned to a family meal.Argh.


  1. I do wish I owned some cath kidston clothing! Have fun in London today - I might bump into you ;)

  2. Glad to hear a lot of your things can be rescued :) hope you have fun in London xx

  3. Glad that things are starting to get back to normal, I don't know how you fit it all in!

  4. Absolutely love that CK skirt and the shoes are so beautiful! I'm really glad to hear that you've salvaged more of your clothes and some of your kitchen, and sorry you're going to have to replace a few things at this time of year. x

  5. Glad the dehumidifiers are doing their job! Take care of yoruself and give yourself a break so you don't get too ill!x