Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday Favourites 071..

Oh, the shame. I actually had to ask someone what Black  Friday was, this morning. I guess that's because I do my shopping most days, rather than a specific one. This week, I've mostly been shopping for party dresses - I could do with something for a works' do and still haven't yet found what I want:

001: Sleeveless Spangle Dress, The Whitepepper, £58
002: Embellished Tabard Mini Dress, ASOS, £120
003: Charlotte Prom Dress, Monsoon, £99
004: Starlight Prom Dress, Fever Designs, £99.99

001: I first saw this dress on Sarah's wishlist this week. I have shied away from The Whitepepper thus far, as I don't think that smock dresses are that flattering on my shape, but the combination of the sparkles and the peter pan collar may have won me over with this one.

002: Bright red always says Christmas to me and I really like the dainty beaded layer of tulle on this dress. It looks so pretty and intricate, and reminds me a little nit of something Lady Mary might wear. (Although probably not in red).

003: Monsoon seem to have a bit of a promotion on party dresses, and this Charlotte prom dress caught my eye, not just because it shares my name. I love the fabric and the fact that the print is different to anything else I've seen about. It's a strong contender.

004: This Starlight prom dress from Fever has been on my pretty dress radar for quite a while now. It's so sparkly, making it the perfect choice for a party, and yet I think with black tights and a blazer I could dress it down quite easily for a day in the office..

Which would you go for? Or do you have any other suggestions?


  1. the whitepepper has so many gorgeous dresses! x

    1. My only concern is that they usually look really short and shapeless.

  2. Fighting every urge to buy dress number one! They would all be great on you though.XO

  3. Oh that first dress is beautiful! I really love the look of white pepper smocks but I think they're a little TOO smock-y and shapeless for me. At least that saves me a lot of pennies!

    Jennie xo |

  4. Don't be embarrassed not to know what Black Friday is. It's an American thing that has been foisted upon us by the shops. I'm actually cross about it. Let's not have to do everything that America does! X